Should Video Games be Considered as Art

Art plays a significant role in human lives and can make huge impacts on the society. Art is also considered as one form of the reflection of our inner selves. There have been many projections of art through various forms such as movies, paintings, poems and so on. Art has also played an important role in shaping society. In the present society, some more mediums are used for making and sharing art. Games are built using various elements such as music, graphics, storylines and much more. So, doesn’t this make games a form of art? To find the most suitable answer for this, Spinzwin has made a study involving a group of common people.


I dream my painting and I paint my dream.

Vincent van Gogh


Art triggers a strong emotional response

All the accepted art forms have the capacity to evoke emotions when the person is exposed to it. Thus, art has something to do with the thinking and the feelings of humans. Many of the artworks from the biggest artists exhibit great imagination.


Games and art

Art in most cases allows people to examine them without any end goal or competition while experiencing them. However, games allow people to win them. But on the other side games also serve the purpose of reflecting life in an imaginative way. They also project the view of the creator to the people and, they involve various factors which are used in other art forms such as creativity, perception and so on.

Also, the people who are debating on this subject must have knowledge of both art and games. They should be aware of different forms of art as well as various types of games. Just because a painting or a movie was not good doesn’t mean that paintings and movies are not art. So, one must know about various game types before concluding. There are numerous games of different genres such as exploring, action, adventure and so on.

What the government and rules say about game as an art form

The United States in 2011 made a law that video games are art. It said that games like the other art form is a representation of imagination and expression of one’s ideas. People while purchasing games should look for the licenses and buy them, this applies especially applies to children. There have been various studies and reports indicating that violent games can trigger violent behaviours in kids and children. Parents should also take care of what the children are being exposed to no matter what the art form it is. Not only games can trigger violent actions, movies and many other sources could also trigger bad emotions in children.

Art is hard to define and the criteria for qualifying something as an art are also hard for assumptions. Readers should note that the above is created based on the feedback of people.

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