Games Are One of the Most Important Art Forms in History

It is quite difficult to define art because it is tied to human thinking, perception, ideology and experiences. Art has many forms among with some are painting, poems, dancing and so on. Almost all skill and practice can be considered as an art, as the rules for quality a skill as an art is complicated to understand. In fact, the book “The Art of War” is one of the best books I have read so far. Though it was written by ancient Chinese strategist Sun Tzu in 5th BC, some of the methods explained in that can be even applied to modern corporate business. Many groups of people consider games as one of the art forms. To understand more about that subject, Sailor Bingo conducted a survey among people about their perception of art.


Change in Definition of Art in Modern World

The present time is probably one of the most significant periods of time as some of the most prominent astonishing innovations and scientific breakthroughs are happening. Definitions of many elements and subjects are changing over, and one of them is Art. Art has been a crucial factor for many happenings and changes in the history. Also, many have argued about the capabilities of art and the purpose of it.


Modern Canvas

The digital medium is the modern canvas which provides unlimited possibilities. Great technologies of modern society allow artists to create splendid art in some of the most innovative methods possible. Games are one such product of the digital technology. The games are a great medium for expressing thoughts and ideas. Since latest games come with realistic graphics, the users feel like almost living in the world created by the artist.


Evolution of art and games

Art is in existence for a long time, and it has undergone colossal evolution along its path. The mediums used for expressing art has developed over time, and the quality of the art has also escalated to various levels. The similar pattern can be found in games. Earlier, games had only limited interaction and low graphics quality, but now technology allows the developers to create realistic graphics with immersive gameplay.


But are games really an Art form?

In 2005, one of the biggest film critics of that time Roger Ebert made a great debate saying that games can never be art. He insisted that games don’t have any elements worth comparing with poems, movies, paintings and music. During that time this argument looked valid but as time flew, people are reanalysing that subject.

For example, Hideo Kojima’s P.T is one of the best horror games which has a thrilling and frightening gameplay. Though the game did not involve a lot of player input controls, it is one of the best horror video games out there. A lot of exceptional elements combined makes these games to be truly special. This looks like the other art forms such as movie, painting, music and so on.

The above content is a compiled by Sailor Bingo and is an edited version of the data collected from people regarding art and their view of games as an art form.

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