Europe is celebrating art everywhere in 2019

The present year 2019 is full of great events in Europe when it comes to art. From the 100 years of Bauhaus to the 500 years of Leonardo’s death, Europe is celebrating and hosting a landmark of open art exhibitions. This great year goes through places like Spain, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, France, the UK, and even Liechtenstein. Perhaps art enthusiasts all around the world will want to dust off their suitcases to travel to some of these places to see the exhibitions. Obviously, most countries require travelers to be over 18 if they’re traveling alone. If you’re under 18 but are desperate to see these exhibitions, you could always search the internet for how to get a fake id, ensuring you can travel around Europe to see this art. Don’t let your age stop you from seeing these open art exhibitions. It’s expected that the turnout for these events will be huge. Don’t miss out.

Rembrandt 350th – Netherlands

It is 350 years since the death of Rembrandt van Rijn. In nine Dutch cities, there is a tear of programmed events, focusing on the author and the Dutch golden age. In Amsterdam, the Rijksmuseum is displaying all of its 22 paintings, 60 drawings, and 300 engravings. This is the biggest Rembrandt collection ever seen in just one place and exhibition. This demonstration started in February and it last until the 10th of June. In the Hague, the Mauritshuis is exhibiting 18 paintings attributed to Rembrandt, until the 15th of September. Artworks of these artists are also being celebrated in the UK and Germany.

Leonardo’s 500th death – Italy, France, and the UK

Leonardo da Vinci doesn’t need any introduction, even though it has been half of a century since he died. Museums and galleries across Europe are competing to celebrate the date with many events taking place in Italy, in Milan and Florence, his birthplace. The UK is also remembering the date with simultaneous exhibitions in 12 different cities. Each has displayed a selection of 550 Leonardo’s drawings. Louvre, in Paris, doesn’t let the year pass by and it commemorates the life of the artist with an exposition showing his paintings.

Bauhaus 100th – Germany

A total of 100 locations around Germany will have their eyes turned into Bauhaus celebration. A self-guided road trip is allowed to the ones curious about Bauhaus, the Grand Tour of Modernism. During 2019 there are also three new museums openings, dedicated to the iconic school of design, founded in the 25th of April by German architect Walter Gropius. It is an opportunity to take a look into the one century history of this institution, who influenced many architects, painters and poets of the late XX century and still keeps being a reference among everyone who aims a career in arts.

Prado 200th – Spain

The “Museo del Prado”, in Madrid, opened on 19th November 1819 and it is marking its bicentenary with special exhibitions. You can visit here, for example, the Salón de Reinos, which has five equestrian portraits by Diego Velazquez, if you are a horse enthusiast. The ‘Prado’ has plenty of other famous piece by Velazquez and also by other artists, like Giacometti, Murillo, and others. However, if you are not in Spain, but not in Madrid, do not worry. For one month at a time, the On Tour Through Spain initiative will take Prado’s paintings to provincial Spanish galleries.

Courbet 200th – France

A picturesque town in Loue river, Ornans, is celebrating the bicentenary of the birth of its most famous son, realist artist Gustav Courbet. There are many options to visit The Gustave Courbet Museum and the Courbet family farm. Besides art exhibitions, this bicentenary will also be celebrated with two bike races in his honor.

Bruegel 450th – Belgium

It has been 450 years that the Flemish master, Pieter Bruegel the Elder has died. To remember the artist, the Royal Library of Belgium’s complete collection of Bruegel prints is on a display at the Palace of Charles Lorraine. Also, in Antwerp, the visitors of the Mayer van den Bergh can see Bruegel’s newly restores Dulle Griet.

Liechtenstein 300th

The principality was founded on the 23rd of January of 1719, which makes this the 300th year’s birthday of the microstate. The Liechtenstein National Museum is recreating the event of the foundation, from February till January of next year. The event will kick off with a public anniversary party and peak on August 15th, a national holiday, with a street parade in the center of Vaduz.

Moon Landing 50th – UK

Museums and science centers around the globe are celebrating this year the 50th anniversary of the lading on the moon. The specific day is the 20th of July, but commemorations last the whole year. In the UK, the National Space Centre in Leicester has a new Apollo exhibition, in the Space Oddities gallery, until September. However, the main festivity is a Moon Festival in London, whose program includes a lecture by Margaret Atwood on magic and the moon. Other festival’s activities include a midnight run, a night-blooming garden and a street party with light projections and an astronomy tent with live music.

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