Nino Mier, Embattled Dealer, Shutters All Four Los Angeles Galleries Keeping Open his NY and Brussels Galleries, Los Angeles (News)

Gallerist Nino Mier

Dealer Nino Mier, who launched his gallery in Los Angeles in 2015 and rapidly expanded to Brussels and New York, is planning to close his three L.A. galleries and a project space. This decision, confirmed by sources close to the firm and an artist on its roster, marks a significant shift in Mier’s operations. Despite these closures, Mier’s galleries in Brussels and New York will continue their activities. In an emailed statement, a gallery spokesperson noted that the focus on New York and Brussels has prompted the consideration to close some L.A. spaces, with more details to follow soon.

This decision follows a recent investigation by Julia Halperin in the Art Newspaper, where four former gallery employees alleged misreported invoice amounts to artists, leading to a $31,000 discrepancy over 21 transactions. Mier did not comment on these allegations, but a spokesperson mentioned that the gallery will independently review its records and take necessary corrective actions. Artist Louise Bonnet, who was among those affected and left the gallery in 2022, expressed her disillusionment, stating that being deceived and manipulated by the gallery was particularly repulsive.

Instagram post from Nino Mier Gallery on Thursday, May 23, 2024.

Despite these challenges, Mier’s gallery continues representing renowned artists such as Nicola Tyson, André Butzer, Jansson Stegner, and Joanne Greenbaum. However, recent months have seen departures, including painters Jake Longstreth and Dashiell Manley. Mier’s ambitious expansion plans included opening spaces in Manhattan’s SoHo and TriBeCa neighborhoods and closing project spaces in Cologne, Germany, and Marfa, Texas. As Mier navigates these changes, the art world watches closely to see how the dealer’s reputation and business will evolve.

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The press release and the photographs are courtesy of the gallery and the artists.

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  1. Nino Mier’s decision to close his Los Angeles galleries reflects the evolving landscape of the art world, emphasizing adaptability and resilience.

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