Rubin Museum Embraces Global Transformation: New York Location Set to Close as Institution Expands its Cultural Presence Worldwide, NYC (News)

The Rubin Museum, NYC

The Rubin Museum of Art, dedicated to Himalayan art and culture, is set to close its New York City location on October 6, 2024. Founded in 2004, the museum, established by Donald and Shelley Rubin, will transform into a “museum without walls,” focusing on global outreach. The decision stems from a strategic review by the board to optimize the use of the museum’s collection and financial resources.

Post-closure, the Rubin plans to initiate an innovative program featuring partnerships, grants, loans, traveling exhibitions, scholarships, and digital offerings. The shift to a global model aims to enhance accessibility through long-term loans to other institutions and multimedia educational resources.

Installation view, Rubin Museum, Himalayan Art, NYC, 2024.

Future plans include collaborative programming with institutions globally, extending until 2026. The Rubin’s digital initiatives will persist, with additional digital experiences in the pipeline. The museum also intends to provide substantial funding for external organizations, scholars, and artists to support research and presentation of Himalayan art.

Visitors have until October 6 to enjoy the anniversary exhibition, “Reimagine: Himalayan Art Now,” featuring contemporary works from Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and international artists. The Tibetan Buddhist Shrine Room and the Mandala Lab installation will remain open. Co-founder Shelley Rubin expresses gratitude for the past 20 years in New York, emphasizing the museum’s commitment to sharing Himalayan art with a broader impact in the future.

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The press release and the photographs are courtesy of the gallery and the artists.

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