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For centuries, the art world has been shrouded in secrecy, but with the advent of the Internet, everything has changed. Now, users can find anything, from the latest contemporary art to vintage furniture from the 18th century, online. And if you need to find it all in one place, Barnebys is the one stop shop.

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Here’s how Barnebys can make your searching easier:

All auctions, galleries and dealers in one place

Barnebys is the world’s leading auction search engine for art, antiques and collectibles. As the top search service, Barnebys aggregates and provides access to more than 500,000 objects at a time through 3,000 auction houses, dealers and galleries worldwide. Therefore, you can see everything that is on the market at any given time. Some would argue this could be similar to finding antique furniture online. Antique furniture is becoming more and more popular with individuals who are enchanted by the contemporary or vintage look for their homes. Many find themselves turning to auctions, second-hand outlets, or antique furniture stores to find that perfect piece for their homes. If you are interested in antique furniture, you may want to visit somewhere similar to

Understand the market

Contemporary art prices often experience fluctuations, especially as young and emerging artists are producing new works. Using Barnebys is a great way to learn the estimations of contemporary work and find out how the market is pricing newer art.

Photo: Mary Kotliarenko

Search smarter

If you are looking for a painting by a specific artist or a vintage clothing item, Barnebys lets you set a search term and you will get an email when it comes up for sale. That way you never miss what you are looking for.

Find inspiration

Even if you don’t know what you are looking for, you can browse what’s new to the market to get art and design ideas. Also, Barnebys’ robust online magazine and newsletters will keep you updated on the latest trends and the newest developments in the art and auction market.

Photo: Bukowskis/Barnebys

Save sustainably

The second-hand market is booming as people are more conscious about reducing their carbon footprint. And not only are many of these vintage items better quality than newly produced furniture and design, they are also often lower priced.

Compare prices

Since Barnebys brings all galleries, dealers and auction houses together on one site, you can see how the prices of similar items stack against each other. Get the best deal for your item by searching on Barnebys first instead of going to individual gallery, dealer or auction house sites.

Photo: Nathan Dumlao

Know your worth

Barnebys only works with reputable galleries, dealers and auction houses, so you know what you are getting is real and never counterfeit. Searching through Barnebys is a smart way to make art and design investments without worrying about questionable authenticity or provenance.

Discover artwork and design from around the world

Barnebys operates in 8 different global markets: US, UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Italy and Hong Kong, so you can find galleries, dealers and auction houses that you may not know about at home. Treasures can be found around the world and are just a click away on Barnebys.

Declutter and redesign

Have art, furniture or collectibles that are taking up space in your home? Just send in an image and description to Barnebys partner-site, Value My Stuff, and you’ll get a valuation within 24-48 hours. You never know what your items are worth! It may be time for a refresh and Barnebys can connect you with the right auction house or dealer to sell your unwanted items.

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