Tips on Choosing Canvas Wall Art for Your Home

Canvas wall art is increasingly becoming a popular choice for homeowners and interior decorators. It plays an essential role in decorating, setting the mood, adding accent among other aesthetic purposes. It is crucial to know what a perfect piece of art fits your room. You need to understand your design and room essentials before purchasing. It can be very challenging; however, the tips below guides on how to choose the right canvas wall art.

Match the Color Scheme

The initial step to choosing your canvas wall art is to know the color of your room. It’s a basic rule that guides and enables you to select an art piece that matches the room. The color must match the room without detracting the already existing design elements. Go for a perfect selection to enlighten your room. You could even consider some of the vibrant Art Prints London online to really make your walls pop! When going shopping, maybe you can carry some swatches of the colors in your room to avoid clashing. A canvas wall art that clashes with your current design will be a waste. Perhaps a better thing to do before purchasing wall art, if you’re currently planning an overhaul to your interior design, is to decide upon your room colors first. You can contact the likes of a Fairview house painter once you’ve found a color that you like and then you can gauge which artworks will suit the room best.

Match the Room Style

There exists a range of styles in the canvas wall art. They include but not limited to such as landscape, flowers and abstracts. Matching the artwork involves making sure the theme in canvas art does not clash with the theme in your room.

Each room has a unique idea and its essential to understanding your room theme even before purchasing. Make sure you know the decoration in your room and bring along a theme that matches. For example, earth and wood tones would match nicely with a landscape painting, but might not fit well with piece of abstract art.

Similarly, a modern and sleek interior with metallic and white coloring might go well with either flowers or abstract, but not all landscapes. Use your best judgment, but keep these styles in mind when deciding.

Match the Wall Sizing

The area of wall where you will hang your artwork plays a significant role in your choice. You should first measure the wall and get the exact dimensions that require the artwork.

As a rule of thumb, the canvas should take up 4/7 (about 60%) the area of the wall. This is a strange ratio but one proven to be aesthetically pleasing.

A nicely fitting canvas can make the room/wall look elegant, while something too big or too small will look out of place and disorienting.


Choosing the right wall art can be challenging and at times frustrating. In case you do not find something of your desire, do not quit. There are custom canvas printing services available online that can print your own photos onto canvas, include family photos, personal scenes or your favorite images. This can be a great option if you don’t know exactly what art to get, and you’d rather fill the space with something very personal.


Wall art can make your home inviting, attractive and can pull together a space that was otherwise disparate. It’s a natural way to improve your interior design and serves as a stylistic icing on the cake of your home. Using these steps above you can be sure you are making the correct decision on choosing your art. Enjoy!

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