GoPro and Art: How You Can Mix the Two Together

It’s no secret – GoPro is more than just a device perfect for taking videos. It’s an easy camera to use for nailing some pretty awesome still shots. Its extraordinary features, such as it’s small, compact, and waterproof, make it convenient to use even if you’re traveling alone. Best of all, you can artistic shots with your GoPro. While you may have been using it as an action camera for some time now, you may still need some time and practice to fully understand the wonders of GoPro in the field of art.

Here’s how you can mix GoPro and art when shooting amazing photos.

1. Framing – Use the screen all the time if you want to capture impressive images. Framing the shot is like creating art in all your captured photos. Set up your GoPro camera in a way that it only has what you want in the frame. From there, you can compose your picture by keeping the horizon straight and using the rule of thirds. Focus on the eye of the subject so you can play around with your image.

2. Creativity – GoPro isn’t only a handy camera. With its remarkable features, there are several ways you can be creative with your shots. Simply think outside the box, and you’ll get the stunning angles you want in no time. Instead of doing the classic angles, why not try something new this time. For instance, you can attach the GoPro at the bottom of the poles while walking under the canopy of the forest.

3. Advance planning – If you want the best images taken by your GoPro, it’s ideal to plan ahead. Think about what you want to capture in the coming days or weeks. By doing so, you’ll have the upper hand on the things to prepare for. Also, planning allows you to know the weather, the actual place, and the gear you’ll need. If you go unprepared, chances are you’ll end up empty-handed.

4. Sunrise or sunset – Shooting at sunrise or sunset is another effective way of getting amazing photos. Like any photography, the best time to get the most out of your GoPro is early morning when the sun is out and when the sun starts to set. During this time of the day, the light approaching the camera isn’t that powerful as it only creates a soft glow in your photo. You can still shoot at midday, though, provided you’ll avoid direct sunlight by shooting under a shade. When it’s brightest, try to limit the light coming into the sensors by attaching filters to the outside of the GoPro.

5. Play around with the settings – The more familiar you are with the GoPro settings, the more you can be creative with your images. Experiment with the settings, and you’ll later on capture the world with your perfect shot. With a GoPro, there are numerous places to go, things to shoot, and settings to play around. If you’re new in this kind of photography, learn the basics first and jump over the next one once you’re done.

6. Gear – Bringing the right gear with you can impact the quality of your photos. Because GoPro is small and compact, you can actually take enough gear to allow you to shoot in whatever position and situation. If you’re taking a shot while you’re on a skateboard, horse saddles, and surfboards, a jaws clamp can be your GoPro’s capture body. If you love shooting under the water, a floaty backdoor is the perfect accessory for your GoPro.

7. Activity – Don’t limit yourself when it comes to shooting brilliant images. There are many activities you can capture with the use of the GoPro. If you’re a beginner, you can look for a specific activity as your head start or take tutorial lessons, like the ones at Project GoPro. Once you’re good at it, move on to something else to upgrade your skills. Also, keep on practicing and always incorporate art in your photos.


You can produce excellent photos if you consider all these elements when shooting with your GoPro. Be creative and, more importantly, have fun in all your GoPro photo shoots. Remember, you have so much to explore in the world. When you master the art of photography, a bright future awaits you.


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Adam Aslan

Adam Aslan is an art writer, curator, and artist who also runs ZXY Gallery based in Brooklyn.

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