How To Take The Best Pet Portraits At Home

It’s no secret that we live in a world of animal lovers. For so many people, life without their furry, feathered, or otherwise companion just wouldn’t be the same. That’s why the toys and food we give to our pets should always be high quality. If you’re looking for great pet products, is a wonderful resource. That being said, our pets don’t always make the best models… Ever wondered how the pros make it seem too easy to take portraits of your pets? Taking the perfect photograph of our most unpredictable pets can be hard and nerve-wracking. But don’t stress, here are tips from Colour Pet Studio on how to take the best pet portraits in the comfort of your own home:

Take time to relax

Our pets can sense and absorb our emotions, and if you’re anxious or stressed, they will feel the same. If they are stressed, you will notice their flattened ears and a concerned eyes look.

Who would like a picture of a sad dog? Sit down and relax, taking portraits of your pet should be fun!

Focus your lenses in your pet’s eyes

The most dramatic part of our pets face is its eyes, and if you really want to create an engaging portrait, try to focus your lens on the eyes of your pet. Get your pet excited and playful, a perfectly-timed name call can get you the perfect candid shot.

Have your pet looking towards the camera by holding his or her favorite toy beside the lenses.

Remove all the clutter

Before you take your camera for a shoot, look around you, are there any distracting objects and unnecessary clutter around? Is the empty bottle of beer part of your pet’s photo shoot? Don’t add unattractive elements on the portrait. If you need help decluttering your home office, cabinets can help to maximise your office space.

Elements in the background that don’t fit your image should be removed. Uncluttered environments make the most aesthetically pleasing photos, and lessens the post-editing process. Who would’ve liked a background with garbage cans? Trust me, even your pets won’t appreciate the clutter.

Shoot at their level

Photos of your pets looking up while you’re standing can be sweet and cute at times. But how do pros make it engaging? They shoot at your pet’s level — it may be ankle deep for small pets or hip level for large ones. For a bird in a cage, it’s best to hang it and take the sky as a background. Looking for a new camera to capture the perfect photograph of your pet? Take a look at some of the camera equipment reviews on to help you make your purchase.

Be flexible

Have you ever seen how a pet photographer shoots? You’ll surely notice how they twist and bend just to take that perfect photo. Do some stretching and get your muscles warmed-up for it.

Making large movements will cause your pet to move while shooting unexpectedly, so it’s better to lean and reach them while preventing unnecessary movements.

Get some natural light

Lighting can be critical when taking a photo. In pet photography, catchlights on your pet’s eyes can be great, it can highlight your pet’s eyes and make a more engaging picture.

You can always check your surroundings to look for lights that are bright and diffused, this kind of lighting effect can be great when shooting for dramatic pet portraits.

Pay your pet for modeling

Having your pet’s attention during the shoot can be tricky, they can become disinterested and wander off. Keep them motivated for the duration of the shoot by giving them tasty treats and their favorite toys. Dogs would love a chewy treat and a belly rub. On the other hand, cats go crazy for catnip and tuna fish.

Pet photography at home can be done easily with proper motivation. Be creative when rewarding your pet, and they may reward you with cooperation and breathtaking photos.

Stay Quiet

Don’t confuse your pets by repeatedly shouting commands. Dogs can become concerned and confused, while cats will shy out and leave.

You can try non-verbal communications such as hand signals — dogs can easily understand a sit-down hand signal. However, when verbal communication is required, say your commands calmly and quietly. Always remember that talking less can make your pet listen and understand more of your commands.

Look for concepts

A great concept is key to create the most engaging pet imagery. It can be your cat staring at the bucket of fresh fish, or a dog playing around your kids. An engaging photo of them will surely speak through your audience’s deepest emotions.

Let them wear costumes

Pet clothes and costumes can make a great accessory to add elements of fun to your photo. Additionally, you can use hats or bows for those pets who can’t stand wearing costumes. These costumes are widely available online and are priced affordably.

Be creative, let your dog wear a pirate costume for a boat shoot, or dress your cat as a vampire with wings and fangs for the Halloween.

Closing thoughts

Taking the perfect portraits of our beloved pets don’t need to be hard, use these tips to get those Instagram worthy pictures without the unnecessary stress. Have fun and enjoy the moment with your pet!

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