Mire Lee Selected as the Next Artist for Hyundai Commission at Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall

Mire Lee. Courtesy of the artist and Tina Kim Gallery. Photo: Melissa Schriek.


Tate Modern and Hyundai Motor have jointly revealed that Mire Lee will be the featured artist for the upcoming Hyundai Commission.

Renowned for her impactful sculptures incorporating kinetic, mechanized elements that explore the dynamic interplay between pliant forms and rigid systems, Mire Lee will present her new site-specific work in the Turbine Hall. The exhibit will be accessible to the public from October 8, 2024, to March 16, 2025, marking the artist’s inaugural major showcase in the UK.

Born in South Korea in 1988, Lee divides her time between Amsterdam and Seoul. Her artistic exploration involves the use of industrial materials such as steel rods, cement, silicone, oil, and clay, delving into the animated nature of these materials as they flow, drip, and bulge. Lee’s sculptures exhibit a raw, organic aesthetic, featuring elements suggestive of living organisms seamlessly integrated with machine parts. Motors or pumps intricately guide streaming liquids through them, creating an unsettling yet captivating effect. Lee is intrigued by the transformative power of sculpture, aiming to impact both the viewer and the immediate surroundings, fearlessly pushing artistic boundaries in spectacular ways. Her atmospheric sculptures and installations engage the senses, providing spaces for contemplation on themes of emotion and human desire.

Mire Lee: Black Sun, 2023. Exhibition view: New Museum, New York. Courtesy New Museum. Photo: Dario Lasagni.

Karin Hindsbo, Director of Tate Modern, expressed excitement about Lee’s involvement, stating, “Mire Lee is one of today’s most intriguing and original contemporary artists, and we are delighted she will be creating her first work in the UK here at Tate Modern. Lee produces powerful sculptures, and we look forward to seeing how she transforms the iconic Turbine Hall with her subversive, multi-sensory forms.”

DooEun Choi, Art Director of Hyundai Motor Company, added, “Mire Lee’s sculptures offer a sensorial encounter, exploring the relationship between organic forms and mechanical elements. We anticipate delving into Lee’s unique perspective in her upcoming work for the Hyundai Commission, fostering a profound understanding of interconnectedness.”

Mire Lee. Landscape with Many Holes: Skins on Yeongdo Sea, 2022. © Busan Biennale Organizing Committee. Photo: Sang-tae Kim.

Since its opening in 2000, Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall has hosted some of the world’s most memorable and acclaimed contemporary artworks, revolutionizing public perceptions of the art world in the twenty-first century. The annual Hyundai Commission provides artists with the opportunity to create new works tailored for this unique context, made possible by the enduring partnership between Tate and Hyundai Motor, confirmed until 2026, marking the longest initial commitment from a corporate partner in Tate’s history.

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The press release and the photographs are courtesy of the gallery and the artists.

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