Comprehensive Insights into the Frieze Los Angeles 2024 Program Unveiled

Matt Johnson, Giant Shell Swan, 2022. Photo: Greg Kessler, courtesy of The Ranch

Details about the artist-led programming at Frieze Los Angeles 2024 have been disclosed, highlighting Art Production Fund’s “Set Seen” – a public exhibition featuring interactive works, and a dedicated section for Los Angeles nonprofits.

Christine Messineo, Frieze’s Director of Americas, expressed pride in connecting with organizations integral to LA’s vibrant arts scene. The event will showcase Art Production Fund’s role in commissioning public art, emphasizing collaboration with LA nonprofits to amplify their crucial contributions to the city’s diverse communities.

Frieze Projects presents “Set Seen,” curated by Art Production Fund for its second year. The program explores constructed environments, their impact on our perception of reality, and their connection to space. Situated across the Santa Monica Airport campus, the exhibition engages with the history of set design in LA, particularly the camouflage efforts during WWII. Featured artists include Sharif Farrag, Derek Fordjour, Pippa Garner, Matt Johnson, Ryan Flores, and Cynthia Talmadge. The public can access “Set Seen” for free, with support from the City of Santa Monica extending the display of Johnson and Talmadge’s works beyond the fair until April 7, 2024.

Casey Fremont, Executive Director of Art Production Fund, expressed gratitude for the partnership with Frieze and highlighted the program’s commitment to public art accessibility.

Frieze Los Angeles 2024 will also host five local nonprofits and a bookshop promoting art’s social impact, acknowledging their efforts to foster equitable communities in the city:

  1. Ambos (Art Made Between Opposite Sides): Facilitating connections across the US-Mexico border through bi-national artists and community self-care initiatives.
  2. Gallery 90220: Providing a platform for emerging and underrepresented artists, fostering collaboration, and amplifying diverse voices.
  3. Gyopo: A collective of diasporic Korean cultural producers promoting progressive, intersectional discourses, community alliances, and free educational programs.
  4. Land (Los Angeles Nomadic Division): Connecting people and places through site-responsive public art and programs, supporting artists outside traditional institutions.
  5. People’s Pottery Project: Empowering formerly incarcerated individuals through paid job training and meaningful employment in a nonprofit ceramic business.
  6. Reparations Club: An independently Black-owned concept bookstore and creative space. continues its partnership with Frieze, enabling fair visitors to check voter registration status and register to vote. The holistic approach of Frieze Los Angeles 2024 reflects a commitment to diverse artistic expressions and social impact in the local community.

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The press release and the photographs are courtesy of the gallery and the artists.

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