Highlights from Art Basel Miami Beach, Untitled, and NADA Art Fairs 2021 (Review + Video)


Soshiro Matsubara presented by Union Pacific, London
Soshiro Matsubara “A Tale of Romance II,” 2021  presented by Union Pacific, London

Soshiro Matsubara “A Tale of Romance II,” 2021  presented by Union Pacific, London reinterprets the love story of Oscar Kokoshka and Alma Mahler where the artist is laying down on a rug gazing at the sphinx-like face of his beloved. A romance between a robot and a human, maybe our future one day soon?

Sean Landers presented by Rodolphe Janssen
Sean Landers presented by Rodolphe Janssen

Sean Landers’ Dall Kid (Coconino Plateau, AZ), 2021 presented by Rodolphe Janssen, Brussels continues his preoccupation with tartan-clad animals as guardian spirits among our brutal daily chaos. This kid is clearly here for a hug. Or so goes our stereotyping.

Qualeasha Wood presented by Kendra Jayne Patrick
Close up, Qualeasha Wood presented by Kendra Jayne Patrick

Qualeasha Wood creates her tapestries through digital collages and analog weaving to arrive at a complex reality of today where a bold woman is front and center of the power matrix. Presented by the nomadic Kendra Jayne Patrick gallery New York.

Keiichi Tanaami in the Main Section of Art Basel
Keiichi Tanaami in the Main Section of Art Basel

Keiichi Tanaami’s textured and rich video dream Red Shade, 2021 in the main section of the fair continues the master’s preoccupation with impulses pushed through the barriers and psychedelic blending human and mechanical memories.

Christo at Cardi Gallery Art Basel
Christo at Cardi Gallery, Milan and London 

Christo’s Wrapped painting, 1961-1962 comes as a reminder from a different time, embodying the spirit of experimentation and play between concealing and revealing.


New Image Art at Untitled Art Fair
Jeffrey Cheung at New Image Art, Los Angeles

Jeffrey Cheung’s Swimming, 2020 presented by New Image Art underlines his line of inquiry for the meaning of a collective and a community, an individual place within various gender roles. He reassures us with color and zest that it is possible.


Steve Turner’s booth at Untitled Art Fair
Drew Dodge presented by Steve Turner, Los Angeles

Drew Dodge’s furry creatures are caught up in a relatable and palpable mixture of loneliness, unable to connect to the surrounding ecosystems. In a way, they are successors of Gericault’s forlorn heroes.


Monica King projects at Untitled Art Fair
April Marten presented by Monica King Projects, New York

April Marten’s Untitled (Frances Wasn’t a Saint) No. 2, 2019 presented by Monica King Projects re-creates an archetypal woman saint, a mother figure of the past returns to deliver us from all evils. But the artist considers alternatives too.


De Buck Gallery at Untitled Art Fair
Chiachio & Giannone presented by De Buck Gallery, New York

Chiachio & Giannone’s painstakingly embroidered work La Selva de Constantin, 2015 uses cotton, wool, rayon, and jewelry effect threads on hand print fabric with serigraphy⁠. It is as delicate, as astute, and as precious as it sounds. Presented by De Buck Gallery, New York.


Federico Solmi presented by Kornfeld Galerie, Berlin
Federico Solmi presented by Kornfeld Galerie, Berlin

Federico Solmi’s presentation underlines a new phase we observe in the history of painting, when through technological acuity surfaces bring us literally deep inside the reworked frames. Presented by Kornfeld Galerie, Berlin.


Jenny Morgan presented by Mother Gallery, Manhattan, and Beacon

Jenny Morgan’s exquisite, airy, beauty is beyond grasping. Her greens remind of the Mantegna as do some of the faces she paints. They do not seem to share our busy days. Presented by Mother Gallery, Manhattan, and Beacon.


Galerie Derouillon at NADA Art Fair
Diane Dal-pra presented by Galerie Derouillon, Paris

Diane Dal-pra’s “The balance of ritual” puts together figuration with poetic abstraction, creating pannos of concealment. She is a feminist response to Christo’s work above. Presented by Galerie Derouillon, Paris.


Leto Gallery at NADA art fair
Aleksandra Waliszewska presented by Leto Gallery, Warsaw

Aleksandra Waliszewska’s haunted minimalism is enigmatic, and it pulls you in also. We are very tempted to pry into her shadows and find some secrets. Presented by Leto Gallery, Warsaw.


Iragui Gallery at NADA Art Fair
Carlos Noronha Feio presented Iragui Gallery, Moscow

Carlos Noronha Feio’s fantastic tapestries create a shared aura across temporal and territorial divides. “everything is connected, through the dreamer at dawn…(Man: depiction of the weaver; Star: spirituality, good luck),” 2019 – this title says it all. Presented by Iragui Gallery, Moscow.


Lyles & King at NADA Art Fair
Kathy Ruttenberg presented by Lyles and King, New York

Miniature and larger ceramic works by Kathy Ruttenberg merge flora and fauna, also making us breathing parts of ecosystems. Presented by Lyles and King, New York. Images courtesy of the artist and Lyles & King, New York.

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Nina Mdivani

Nina Mdivani is Tbilisi-born and New York-based curator, writer, and researcher. Over the past seven years, Mdivani has participated in various projects, panels, critiques, and juries connected to the contemporary visual arts with a focus on women artists, Eastern Europe, intergenerational trauma, and the erasure of culture. She has curated over ten exhibitions in New York, Germany, Georgia, and Latvia. Mdivani’s articles have been published in The Brooklyn Rail, Hyperallergic, The Art Newspaper, JANE Magazine Australia, NERO Editions Italy, Eastern European Film Bulletin Berlin, XIBT Contemporary Art Magazine Berlin, White Hot Magazine New York, Arte & Lusso Dubai, and others. Her books include: “Anna Valdez: Natural Curiosity” (Paragon Books, Berkeley, CA 2019), “King is Female: Three Georgian Artists” (Wienand Verlag, Berlin 2018), “Lechaki: Photography of Daro Sulakauri” (ERTI Gallery, Georgia 2018), “The Science, Religion, and Culture of Georgia A Concise and Illustrated History” (NOVA Science Publishing, New York 2017). In September 2022 Mdivani became Senior Director at Black Wall Street Gallery, Chelsea.

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