Sarah Contos: Daughter Universe at Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery

Sarah Contos’ practice forms an intimate meditation on identity and self, offering unrestrained, personal and emotional dialogue. Theatrical narrative and drama define her assemblages – constructed using a diverse range of materials including ceramics, plaster, fabrics and screen-printed textiles, found objects and accessories. Contos is fascinated by the relationships between objects and one’s autonomous associations with them. Exploring the dual nature of “things”, her tantalising sculptural installations play on the friction that exists between seduction and repulsion.

Sarah Contos’ second solo exhibition with Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery ‘Daughter Universe’ considers ideas of transmogrification – drawing parallels between stage magic, cinema icons and theories of the multiverse. ‘Daughter Universe’ is composed of materials and abstract elements that evoke a paradoxical sense of restraint and yearning. This exhibition declares a departure from a four-year creative period, liberating a plethora of enticing new characters, techniques and motifs.

Sarah Contos was recently selected as a finalist in the Ramsay Art Prize 2017 for her work ‘The Long Kiss Goodbye’, 2017. Earlier this year, Contos was included in ‘THIS IS NOT A LOVE SONG’ at Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne.
In 2016, Contos presented major solo exhibition ‘The Revenge of Alexis Colby’ at the Australian Experimental Arts Foundation, Adelaide (2016). Contos also produced ‘Sincerely Yours: A tale of everlasting devotion and obsession – Las Vegas Cabaret, Commedia dell ‘Arte, Carnations and the art of Sarah Contos’ in collaboration with contemporary Australian fashion house Romance Was Born (2016).

Sarah Contos has held solo exhibitions in Sydney at Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Gallery 9, Firstdraft and Mop Projects. She has been included in Sydney Contemporary (2013) and Spring 1883 (2014). Group exhibitions include ‘Streetwise: Contemporary Print Culture’, NGA Contemporary, Canberra (2015), ’21st Century Heide The Collection Since 2000′, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Victoria (2015) ‘Express Yourself: Romance was Born for Kids’, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne (2014), ‘Future Primitive’, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Victoria (2013). Contos was awarded the Artspace Studio Residency from 2012-13, and the 4A Beijing Residency in 2013.


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