Ryan Gander: Soft Modernism at Gallery Hyundai (Seoul)

Installation view of Ryan Gander: Soft Modernism at Gallery Hyundai.

Ryan Gander conceptually and wittily portrays stories of art, culture, and the artist’s personal experiences through various mediums of installation, media, painting, sculpture, photography, and texts.

Ryan Gander’s works are complex and mischievous, and within them, main themes are cleverly veiled with its meanings subtly implicated. Non-existence relationship between objects in different nature from everyday monotonous life and obliteration of realization upon existing notions are brought out onto the surface which gives room for an open interpretation. Other than the exploration of ambiguous relationships, the spectator’s imaginations and movements are crucial elements in Ryan Gander’s works. ‘Storytelling’ is the most significant part in the artist’s artworks carrying individual open ending. Ryan Gander hopes for the spectator to put down existing ideas, elitism of the art world, or any sort of knowledge on art, and to continue on the story that he had started. The artist does not settle in one particular style or category but challenges himself upon existing ideas with variety of mediums that result as sculptures, installation, language, and commercial products.

Installation view of Ryan Gander: Soft Modernism at Gallery Hyundai.

In this exhibition, the recurring theme in Ryan Gander’s variety of works such as sculptures and paintings relating to childhood projections and children’s innate creative sensibilities and reference to modernism and witty interpretation of art history are presented along with new installation works that project onto contemporary selfie culture and narcissism.

Installation view of Ryan Gander: Soft Modernism at Gallery Hyundai.

Ryan Gander was born in Chester, UK, in 1976. He currently works and lives in London. He had gained global attention when he participated in 2011 Venice Biennial and 2012 Kassel dOCUMENTA 13. Since then, he had solo exhibitions in prestigious art institutions including National Museum of Art Osaka(2017), Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens(2016), Australian Centre of Contemporary Art(2015), Manchester City Art Gallery(2015), Le Plateau(2013), Palais de Tokyo(2012), New York Guggenheim Museum(2010), and Museum Moderner Kunst(2007). Recently, Ryan Gander received OBE (Officer of Order of the British Empire), and also was awarded Zurich Art Prize(2009) and Paul Hamlyn Award(2008).

Writing and photographs via press release Courtesy of the artist and Gallery Hyundai, Seoul.
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