Peles Empire’s 1EYE 2EYES: Staging copied versions of an original

For their second solo show at WENTRUP, Peles Empire has designed a large-scale installation which is based on their many years of exploring the relationship between original and copy, and whose concrete starting point is the ensemble of spaces in the gallery on Tempelhofer Ufer. Strategies of optical flattening out and illusion, the transformation from […]

David Hammons: Five Decades Is On View at Mnuchin Gallery

Upper East Side’s Mnuchin Gallery is hosting Five Decades, an ambitious museum level survey of David Hammon’s decades-spanning body of work. Nestled in one of the rustic townhouses of the upscale neighborhood, Hammons’ works on social justice, African American experience and freedom of expression blanket two spacious floors, promising a coherent portrayal of the Brooklyn-based […]

Marcia Hafif: An Italian Job Well Done

The Sixties are back baby and its peppy Pop sensibility reads fresh once more with the recent exhibition of Marcia Hafif: The Italian Paintings 1961-1969. As the season segues into spring onwards to summer, it seems appropriate that the bright color hues laid a pleasant assault on one’s line of vision. Hafif painted these works […]

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BEYOND revisited in a church in Berlin-Mitte

For Berlin Gallery Weekend, the Amsterdam-Berlin gallery network I AMsterdam YOU BErlin together with Berlin-based curator Tina Sauerländer take over St. Johannes Evangelist church in Berlin-Mitte.

Out of each participating partner’s program, curator Tina Sauerländer selects one artist whose work will be shown in a comprehensive solo presentation on the topic BEYOND. In the sacred space […]

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Living Sculptures by Erwin Wurm at Berlinische Galerie (Berlin)

Two weeks ago, on April 15th, the Berlinische Galerie opened to show the works of the renowned Austrian artist Erwin Wurm, which can be visited until August 22nd, 2016.

Wurm’s exhibition, entitled, Bei Mutti – translated from German, At Mom’s – surprised us with the display of a key element, a rebuilding house that apparently seems […]

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Interviewing Jeff Robb: The Lenticular Lensman Finds Yet Another Way to Capture the Invisible

Shards of raw vivid, hung from the ceiling like some sci-fi slaughterhouse of the mind (Acts of Will)… the human form, rid of adornment, arched into some convex construct from Futureworld (Affinity)… untolled beauties, stripped or sheathed, crated and set free to float through all of eternity’s caged gleam (Unnatural Causes)…

These are just some of […]

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Spring in Chelsea with Motherwell

On a cool Saturday morning, bright with the smell of spring, the gallery scene in Chelsea was already bustling before eleven in the morning. Young neighborhood parents with children in tow, seasoned collectors, tourists, and artists alike all mingled in and out of the galleries, mostly on side streets, between 10th and 11th Avenue in […]

Drawing Dialogues: Selections from the Sol LeWitt Collection at the Drawing Center

The Drawing Center presents Drawing Dialogues: Selections from the Sol LeWitt Collection, an exhibition featuring over one hundred works by more than sixty artists from the renowned artist’s extraordinary collection. It is the first large-scale exhibition of the collection to be held in New York in over thirty years. The Drawing Center show concentrates on […]

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South-Italian Art Scene Revived by Ernesto Esposito’s Astounding Collection

Let’s be honest, there isn’t much going on in Southern Italy’s contemporary art scene, and whatever does happen usually takes the form of academic, underground exhibitions and conversations. Here art professionals essentially talk about art to other art professionals. “Nothing will ever either get in or out of the universe,” Israeli journalist Amos Oz would […]

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“Alberto Biasi: Dynamic Stillness” at GR Gallery

So generously imparting a retrospective of Kinetic Art pioneer, Alberto Biasi, GR Gallery anchors its core theme. Showcasing over 20 of his most famous works since the 1960’s, including his “Optico-Dynamic Reliefs”, “Torsions” and “Assemblages” series, viewers can experience the evolution of the art at its finest. His interactive “Eco” is also on view, for […]

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