Arboreal Anxieties at Chashama 266 by Mary Ivy Martin

In Arboreal Anxieties the NYC based artist Mary Ivy Martin turns the gallery into a studio where she deconstructs discarded Christmas trees and transforms them into wearable sculptures, offering an intimate view of her practice to unsuspecting midtown passersby. Her performance will culminate on the final day of the exhibition when Martin will display the tree […]

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Technical Art for Digital Age- Shinji Murakami at Catinca Tabacaru Gallery

Some say fine art ends when the technical drawing starts. Well, that’s not the case with Shinji Murakami- the 30 something artist from Japan, who has transcended the boundaries and collided the technical aspect behind art in general. The first thing that strikes our mind when we think of fine art is the spontaneity, impulsiveness, […]

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Isabelle Fein: Illusions and Ideas at Fort Gansevoort

In a city where a square foot will run you several thousand pretty pennies, spaces are becoming increasingly more innovative and maximizing. A relative newcomer to New York’s Meatpacking district, Fort Gansevoort is a prime example of thinking outside the blueprint. The enduring 19th-century row house was many things throughout its past lives but has […]

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Just Say When: The Transmutation of Trauma in Lari Pittman’s Nuevos Caprichos

Through exposure to violence and tragedy maximally capitalized upon by the media, the human psyche is inundated daily without reprieve. How can we escape such an overwhelming barrage of events that cannot be ignored? How do we synthesize them with our lives that must go on in their daily routine, without crumbling to the ground […]

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New Work, New York- Definitely New Wave of New Age at Woodward Gallery

What a glaring way to enter New Year with a resolve to contribute to the progressive art wave in a universalistic fashion. Woodward Gallery is synonymous to promoting out-of-the-box themes in New York art circuit. Since the past two decades, it has harnessed artists and fostered creativity across the board of the fine-arts platform. But […]

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DOVE STEP – Britta Thie’s soft version of dubstep

dove step is first physical institutional solo show of German artist Britta Thie and also the first exhibition curated by Kunstverein Göttingen’s new artistic director,  Anja Lückenkemper. The title of the exhibition is a neologism with which Thie references dubstep, a minimalist form of bass-heavy electronic music. Dove Step is Thie’s ‘soft version’ of dubstep […]

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The Benefits of Screen Printed Shirts

For most people, making sure that they are always looking their best is a big concern and something that they will go to great lengths to ensure. In order to have a unique look, you will need to have original looking clothing. The best way to get the best looking shirts is by having them […]

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Video: Katherine Bradford’s Fear of Waves at Canada Gallery

Canada is pleased to present “Fear of Waves” a one-person exhibition by Katherine Bradford which will be held in the main space of the gallery.  This new body of work is an expansion on themes and ideas that she has cultivated in her Brooklyn studio over the course of a long and meaningful practice.  As […]

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Sizing and Other Considerations when Selecting a Party Tent in Toronto

If you are planning a large event or wedding, and you are not sure how large of a tent you need for your guests, chances are you could use the services of an expert. However, in addition to knowing the exact specifications for your tent, there are a number of other factors to consider.

Things to […]

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KESH: LJUS2 at Catherine Ahnell Gallery

New York’s coolest crowd congregated in one spot last week to celebrate the opening of KESH’s first solo show in New York at Catherine Ahnell Gallery. Hailing originally from the UK where she dabbled in fashion, editorial, and music, KESH cemented herself as a visual artist on the US’s west coast, where she established her […]

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