From Empathy to Solution: A Deep Dive into Vivien Luo’s Design Journey

Originally hailing from Chongqing, China, Vivien Luo is a renowned designer and an artist based in New York. Vivien’s cross-cultural background has instilled in her a sense of inclusivity and a fresh perspective that encourages innovative thinking beyond conventional boundaries. Her journey has been illuminated with global acclaim, bestowed upon her for exceptional achievements. These accolades, from prestigious competitions like the Hermes Creative Awards, Muse Creative Awards, Graphic Design USA, DNA Paris Design Awards, and dotCOMM Awards, attest to the international recognition she has garnered. Vivien’s forte primarily resides in the realms of user experience and graphic design. It’s within these domains that she has been distinguished with the platinum and gold awards, marking her contributions as remarkable.

Throughout her career as a designer, Vivien has consistently sought creative design solutions to address a wide range of challenges. These challenges have ranged from strategic considerations, such as streamlining the shopping process and increasing conversion rate on a platform, to tactical decisions about which visual styles are most effective in capturing users’ attention.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Vivien is dedicated to empowering fellow designers within the community. She actively contributes to the design community, serving as a positive presence on platforms like Behance. Her active participation includes sharing her own design projects on Behance, which have served as inspirations for other designers.

Today, we’re going to delve deep into the perspective of designer Vivien Luo, exploring her motivations, purposes, and approaches in her fulfilling career in design.

Q: “Why did you choose to pursue a career in design?”

Vivien:  It was a natural progression for me. Since a young age, I’ve been captivated by human behavior, always wondering how I could create fun or meaningful experiences for people. I’ve explored how my skill set in design has enabled me to develop digital products that connect people and enhance their lives. I’ve worked on numerous human-centered projects and have received international recognition for designs that are both functional and visually appealing.

Q: “Congratulations! You’ve earned multiple internationally influential awards. We recently learned that you won a gold award from the dotCOMM Awards, which honors excellence in web creativity and digital communication. Could you please tell us more about your work?”

Vivien: Absolutely! ‘Turbo Shop’ is an innovative app I designed to empower small businesses and provide an accessible means to enhance brand recognition. This app offers users an integrated shopping experience, complete with product explanations and engaging features such as live broadcasts and videos.

The inspiration for developing this app comes from the current trend among young consumers, who are highly engaged with short videos and place a strong emphasis on brand transparency and authenticity. I identified pain points for both consumers and small businesses. Consumers often face challenges like uncertainty about what to purchase, the need for guidance, and inefficiencies in offline shopping. Meanwhile, small businesses frequently struggle to find effective sales channels and lack influence. It became clear to me that short video platforms presented an ideal opportunity for these businesses to share their brand stories, build close-knit communities, and enhance their overall business outcomes.

With this in mind, Turbo Shop was designed to bridge the needs of both consumers and small businesses. It enables users to complete the entire shopping journey, from researching products to placing orders, all within a single platform. The app provides personalized recommendations based on users’ purchase and browsing histories, while live streaming is a pivotal feature, making it easier for consumers to understand products and their benefits. Users can tune in to live broadcasts hosted by small business owners. Ultimately, this design aligns with my mission of supporting small businesses, creating job opportunities, and giving back to local communities.

Q: “You’ve achieved so much in your career. Can you share a challenging experience you’ve encountered along your path?”

Vivien: The pandemic was a challenging period, but it also presented an opportunity for growth. I had to learn new skills, become more multi-faceted. As I adapted, I recognized a growing need among people who wanted to build their brands or scale their businesses. To meet this demand, I delved into mastering platforms like Shopify and Webflow, which proved to be incredibly efficient for building brands and online stores.

Q: “What’s your key to success? Do you have a motto?”

Vivien: Don’t be afraid to fail. It’s through failures that we truly grow and learn. I believe each individual has their own unique journey and rhythm. Have faith that you are exactly where you need to be, according to your own timeline. Your creative path is your own, and it’s a journey that unfolds at its own pace.


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