Joe Bradley: Day World at Gagosian Gallery (London)

Joe Bradley, Black Peter, 2018, oil on canvas, 83 1/4 x 106 inches (211.5 x 269.2 cm). © Joe Bradley. Photo: Rob McKeever.
Joe Bradley, Vanguard, 2018, oil on canvas, 88 1/4 x 106 1/4 inches (224.2 x 269.9 cm). © Joe Bradley. Photo: Rob McKeever.


On one side hung a very large oil-painting so thoroughly be-smoked, and every way defaced, that in the unequal cross-lights by which you viewed it, it was only by diligent study and a series of systematic visits to it, and careful inquiry of the neighbors, that you could any way arrive at an understanding of its purpose. . . . But what most puzzled and confounded you was a long, limber, portentous black mass of something hovering in the center of the picture over three blue, dim, perpendicular lines floating in a nameless yeast. A boggy, soggy, squitchy picture truly, enough to drive a nervous man distracted. Yet was there a sort of indefinite, half-attained, unimaginable sublimity about it that fairly froze you to it, till you involuntarily took an oath with yourself to find out what that marvelous painting meant. Ever and anon a bright, but, alas, deceptive idea would dart you through.—It’s the Black Sea in a midnight gale.—It’s the unnatural combat of the four primal elements.—It’s a blasted heath.—It’s a Hyperborean winter scene.—It’s the breaking-up of the icebound stream of Time. But at last all these fancies yielded to that one portentous something in the picture’s midst. That once found out, and all the rest were plain.
—Herman Melville, Moby-Dick (1851)

Gagosian is pleased to present Day World, new paintings and drawings by Joe Bradley.


JOE BRADLEY: Day World at Gagosian Gallery
October 3–December 15, 2018
Grosvenor Hill, London


Press release and photographs courtesy of Gagosian Gallery.

© Joe Bradley and photos by Rob McKeever




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