Arte Fuse is looking for contributors who share the same passion for art as we do. First, email to tell us which show you are interested in covering. Once approved, here are the guidelines to submit the article:

  1. Attach the article as a word document. At the bottom put the artist(s)’s name, venue name, exhibition title, and opening and closing dates of the exhibition along with your name and credit for the photos attached (to see an example, check out one of our reviews).
  2. Attach the photos (700 pixels max on any side at 72 DIP) and save the images with the name of the artist and the show.
  3. Only submit articles about shows that are currently on view.
  4. If there is a video involved then send the you tube link so we can post it with the article
  5. Due to the high volume of submissions, we can’t reply to every message and are only able to consider submissions that adhere to the following standards.

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