• Lance Rehs

    Lance Rehs

    Lance Rehs is a 4th generation Art Dealer, the Vice-President of Rehs Galleries, Inc. and the Director of Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc. With a background in Finance, his earliest ventures in the art world included reviewing and analyzing various auctions from around the world in order to gauge the health of the art market, in addition to educating others about the art world from behind the scenes. Today, Lance continues to help shed light on the opaque dealings of the art world while giving an honest and unbiased opinion of the auction arena through Rehs Galleries’ monthly Comments On The Art Market. Rehs Galleries specializes in 19th and 20th Century European paintings, including but not limited to Barbizon, Realist, Academic and Impressionist art. Rehs Contemporary focuses on Contemporary Academic Realism; showing works that demonstrate superior technical skills and classical training.

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