Serpentine to unveil large-scale public sculpture by Yayoi Kusama

The Round Pond, Kensington Gardens
9 July – 3 November 2024

The Serpentine is set to unveil a large-scale public sculpture by the renowned artist Yayoi Kusama. Known for her distinctive polka-dot motifs and immersive installations, Kusama’s work continues to captivate audiences worldwide. This new piece is expected to be a significant addition to her impressive body of work.

The sculpture will be installed in a prominent public space, making it accessible to a broad audience. Kusama’s work often explores themes of infinity and the sublime, inviting viewers to reflect on their place in the universe. This installation is anticipated to engage the public in a similarly profound way, offering a unique visual and experiential encounter.

This unveiling marks an exciting moment for both the Serpentine and Kusama’s career. It underscores the Serpentine’s commitment to presenting innovative and impactful art in public spaces. For Kusama, this sculpture represents another milestone in her enduring and influential artistic journey.

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The press release and the photographs are courtesy of the gallery and the artists.

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