Why Art is so Important in Today’s World

Do you love art and like travelling all around the world to see it? Maybe you want to go one step further and become an art collector? Put simply there are many ways to enjoy art and whatever that means for you, all art cultures around the world offer something new and exciting.

With private jet rentals, you can have easy access to some of the most celebrated pieces the world has to offer, including Frieze Art Fairs that offer tours and exhibitions that are perfectly tailored for art connoisseurs.

Art is meaningful for so many people

No matter where you come from, art is a universal language that inspires creativity amongst all communities. In this way, it’s a unifying factor in a world fractured by change and chronic crisis.

For many artists, art is a way in which to communicate important messages that they might not be able to articulate in words. And by looking at art, many people feel invigorate and inspired from seeing things from a different perspective.

This culture is everywhere all over the world. Art defines nations, forms identity and creates social movements that shape history.

How to become an art collector

If your foray in the art world has inspired you to become an art collector, here’s how to get to where you want to be. In order to succeed as an art collector, don’t pressure yourself to discover the next big thing. Buy artwork that you love and that you will enjoy for the rest of your life. After all, it’s you who will be looking at it every day.

Next, try and visit as many art capitals as you can. From Paris to London and Zurich, Europe is awash with centuries-old art culture and are always worth a visit. And wherever you can, try and support young and emerging artists.

Finally, trust your instinct. Art is always changing and if you think a piece will have lasting significance in our fast-paced world, it’s worth your investment.

Attend plenty of art tours

The only way you’re going to get a conclusive feel for the scene is by going on art tours with an expert. Not only are these a great way to experience art, but you will also make plenty of industry connections if you’re frequently at galleries and museums.

If you can, book private tours of major art landmarks like the Lacma in LA or Saatchi Gallery in London. This way you will learn more about the art itself and discover your own unique taste that will inform your collection. And don’t be afraid for your taste to change!

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