When Should I Plant Autoflower Seeds?

Are you a beginner gardener and don’t know where to start? Herbies is here to help you with its extensive selection of the best seeds. We recommend that beginners start with autoflower seeds. They are easy to care for and do not require any special living conditions. But it’s still a plant, and like any living thing, it has its time cycles and needs.

Complete Instructions for Planting and Caring for Autoflower Seeds

  • Before you start planting, you should choose the right container. Depending on the plant itself, you need to choose a pot that ranges in size from 19 to 42 liters. Be sure to notice if there are drainage holes to avoid problems later on. It is better to choose a bigger pot because autoflower seeds grow very fast.
  • The soil should be slightly acidic, with no clay or stoniness, as this can lead to increased moisture in the root system.
  • The best time for planting is the second half of summer. Although autoflower seeds are famous for their tolerance to temperature changes, cold air can kill them in the early stages of growth. In addition, they are very fond of sunshine, so the young sprouts will be as comfortable as possible in the summer.
  • Watering autoflower seeds also has its own peculiarities. Water the plant only when the soil is completely dry. This will not only keep the roots from overwatering but also not leave them dry for a long time. On average, autoflower seeds should be watered once a day in small portions.


Even the most undemanding plants have their own peculiarities in care. If you follow all the recommendations, you can get the best harvest in large quantities in a short time. And when you get into the habit of caring for the plant, you won’t notice how quickly your creation will grow.

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