What Should I Gift My Husband on Our Wedding Day?

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days in your life. The day is just as special to your husband, and it will forever last in his memory.

For such a particular day, you might be considering giving your husband a gift. You might have too many ideas, or you may have none.

You should try and be creative as many people will be giving you plenty of gifts for your wedding. You want your gift to your husband to stand out, and you should make it unique and personal.

The following are some gift ideas for your husband on your wedding day:

 Groom Wedding Survival Kit

Though your wedding day is a happy day, it is also a tiring day. Both you and your husband will have to do much to survive the day, so why not give him a groom’s wedding survival kit.

The kit will include anything he might need on the day. Have some energy bars in there to give him energy and absorb the alcohol you will drink. Some hand sanitizer, after all the handshaking, should come in handy. Gum to freshen his breath is also welcome.

Be creative and include everything he needs on the day. Who knows? He might even share it with you.


If your husband is a big fan of jewelry, why not give him a piece for the wedding day other than the wedding ring he will be getting on the day, of course. If you know your husband, you should know if there is some jewelry he has been admiring for a while.

If he looks good in earrings, they are an excellent gift for him on your wedding day. You can get a pair from Diamondere.com. He can put them on your wedding day and look even more dashing.

Cufflinks for his suits are another type of jewelry that would make an excellent present for a wedding day. If you know the kind of jewelry your husband likes, getting him some will be easy.

 Signed Sports Regalia

Your husband might be a sports fan, and if he is, a signed piece of sports equipment from his favorite player or his favorite team will be an excellent gift. The only thing that will make him happier will be marrying you.

Knowing your husband’s favorite player or sports team should be one of the easiest things in the world. If you don’t know, you can always ask him and take notes.

It could be a sports jersey, pole, boxing gloves, ball, or golf club. Whatever he likes, please make an effort to get his favorite player to sign it, which might not be easy. It may involve making plenty of phone calls and making a long trip to get it done.

Prepare yourself for the item to be part of the art in your home. The effort will be worth it to see

how happy your gift makes him. He will definitely show his appreciation on your wedding night.

 Personalized Underwear

If you are handing out wedding presents to your groom, why not have some fun with it? A hilarious idea is to make personalized underwear that shows just whose property it is down there.

Underwear with the ‘property of’ signage will be so funny, making a statement. You can get creative with the colors and writing of the personalized underwear to make it even funnier.

A gag gift is always good for a laugh, especially on an occasion like a wedding day. You will also have fun whenever you see him wearing underwear after you are married.

Choosing your husband’s wedding day gift is a challenging endeavor. The above examples should give you an idea of where to go. As long as it is thoughtful or funny, your husband will appreciate it.

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