A Guide for Starting an Artistic Side Business

If you’re an artistic person, it’s natural that you might want to make extra money through a creative side business. This could be with the intent of turning it into your main business money-maker one day or to keep it as an artistic outlet on the side.

Here are some important steps you should follow to make sure you can start an artistic side business the right way.

Set Up Your Space

For any business, it’s important to have a dedicated space where you can privacy and be able to work undisturbed. For an artistic business, it’s even more important if you’re going to be creating in your space and making physical products to sell.

For the best artistic space, natural light is always a plus. A well-lit space will not only help you to feel more productive but will also be important for creating your products.

Choose a space that has enough room for both creation and storage. You may want to try a spare room, a garage space, an outhouse, or even rent a work unit if you don’t have anything suitable at home.

Invest in the Right Tools

What you choose to invest in for your artistic business will make a difference in your product opportunities and designs. Dependable and advanced tools will mean you can produce more of what you need at a quicker pace.

One area which is hugely popular within the creative market is personalization. If you can create an art piece that can also be personalized, you can reach out to a wider market.

You can branch out your product line with a laser etching machine for creating engraved and personalised pieces on glass, for example. Laser engraving is also ideal for keepsakes and wedding favors, too, so if your side business focuses on creating personalized gifts, a tool like this is going to make all the difference.

No matter your business focus, investing in tools and equipment you can depend on is a high priority.

Take High-Quality Photos

Art and creation are a lot about the visual element, so if you’re looking to promote your business in the best way, you’ll want high-quality photos of your products to build a portfolio.

To take the most impressive product photos, here are some tips for you.

  • Use a good camera. You don’t need to invest in highly expensive photography equipment (unless you really want to) as exceptional photos can be taken on a phone camera if you have a dependable one.
  • Use a tripod. Eliminate shaking hands or blurring by stationing your smartphone or camera on a tripod for the best shots.
  • Good lighting is extremely important, and natural lighting can be the best.
  • Use a variety of photos. When showing off your product, take close-ups, side-shots and front-shots, so that your customers can get the best idea of what you’re producing.

Key Takeaway

With an artistic or creative side business, a lot of emphases is put on your whole business presence, not just your product. This means you need to do what you can to look professional as the way your website looks, your business name, and your packaging can all have an impact on a customer’s first impression.

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