Yesterday, today and tomorrow of modern art!

Art, in a broad sense, is a form of communication. An artist is able to express his feelings, thoughts, and observations, through this wonderful medium. Taking a look at the history of art, the oldest documents forms of art are visual arts which include images or objects in fields such as paintings, sculpture and photography. We have progressed over the last decades in developing new forms, in the way we create, display and enjoy art.

Aartzy (  is an online platform which promotes paintings, sculptures & digital prints while creating a single platform for creations representing modern art techniques we were discussing. The objective behind this initiative was to provide a sophisticated, yet uncomplicated single platform for artists to showcase their work and earn much needed recognition in an international arena. Aartzy is a curated site which provides a wide range of art, systematically categorized to minimize the complexity of locating a preferred piece. The choices are significant with the extensive collection of artworks on display.

Modern art, is one such aspect which birthed along with the Industrial revolution. Before the 19th century, artists were commissioned to create pieces of art by wealthy patrons or institutions. Most were mythological scenes which told stories. During the 19th century, many artists started to make art, based on their own experiences and about topics and ideas chosen by them. They wanted to represent the newness of modern life in innovative ways. Modern art includes artistic work produced during the 1860’s to 1970’s. Symbolism became popular over time and artists experimented with colors, use of new materials, techniques and mediums. This great change inspired artists to challenge the norms and gave way to some of the most brilliant works of art. Modern art can be termed as the creative world’s response to the rationalist practices and perspectives of the new lives and ideas provided by the technological advances of the industrial revolution.

Photography was born during these times of rapid change, and this was a major technological advancement. Over time, photography became increasingly accessible to the general public. This posed a threat to classical artistic modes of representing a subject or landscape, as a painting nor a sculpture could capture the same degree of detail as a photograph. With this development, artists were obligated to find new methods of creating art which led to newer approaches in which art was presented. Realism, Romanticism, Impressionism were some of the movements which developed over time. An important trend which began in the 20th century was abstract or non-objective art, whereby little or no attempt is made to portray objects or landscape in its natural appearance. As we have seen, the industrial revolution brought with it many changes in to the world of art. These developments have taken art in its simplest form to great heights. Modern art begins with genre of painters like Vincent van Gogh, Paul Cezanne and Paul Gauguin to name a few, who played vital roles in its development. Their influence is still carried forward to present day artists.

Abstract paintings, are said to be the new focus on the art market this decade starting from 2020. This type of art which began as a digression of modern art is both thought provoking and beautiful. This being said, the techniques used have evolved greatly over the years to what we see today. The use of color, techniques and styles have improved as artists have become bolder in their work.

There are several artists who have been influenced by the abstract artists of 20th century and have created brilliant pieces of their own. Aartzy has been gracious to provide many emerging abstract artists the patronage they require to display their art, whilst taking on the commitment to promote their work which includes sales, marketing, content development & processing and all related attributes which would otherwise be the responsibility of the artist.

The platform offers exquisite pieces of art at a fair price for both buyer and the artist. If you are to visit the website, you will find some amazing creations, clearly and competitively price marked. The platform is very user friendly and the Aartzy team is available at all times to answer all your questions.

Art is a progressive method of communication and will always thrive given the right nudge needed to move forward and Aartzy is one of the few platforms which provides artists the opportunity to go beyond the norms and create the unimaginable. They have created a brand and established themselves firmly amongst the art fraternities in a short period of time owing to their dedication, commitment and professional approach. Aartzy is the go-to platform for anyone looking to purchase high quality, authentic pieces of art!

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