The Modern Design Aesthetics of Online Casinos

Most online casinos today follow the same design patterns. From this article, you will get to know why they do so.

Long before the Internet became omnipresent, brick-and-mortar casinos would try to impress their visitors with their posh design. There would be a lot of glitz and neon in their interiors that would imitate the shine of gold and gems. When the gambling industry migrated to online, Internet platforms inherited this approach to design. However, some virtual casinos today try to deconstruct this pattern and offer genuinely innovative aesthetics.

What Is the Typical Design of a Modern Online Casino?

The sites of most online casinos have dark backgrounds with bright accents and flashy banners. This is the structure of a typical online casino site.

The first thing you see after you open the site is a colourful ad banner in the centre. Probably, it will be a carousel of alternating banners.

  • On top of the banner, there is a horizontal menu. It contains buttons that lead to the most popular pages of the site: Slots, Live Casino, Lotteries, Promotions and so on.
  • The Registration button is located in the top right corner. Close to it, there are empty fields where you should introduce your login and password when signing in.
  • When you scroll down, you will see games icons. Most likely, they will be grouped into themed categories, such as Slots, Table Games, Poker, Live Casino and so on.
  • In the footer, there are links to the Banking, Contacts and About Us sections of the site as well as links to the project’s socnet accounts.
  • In the right lower corner, there should be a Live Chat button.
  • At the bottom of the main page, you will find the information about the casino license.

The teams of some new gambling projects in New Jersey choose white, light or pastel backgrounds. Otherwise, they let their clients switch between “day” and “night” modes. On some platforms, the main page serves as a landing that contains very few functional elements.

Intuitive navigation becomes huge merit of online casinos. Some platforms might not enable their customers to check their banking options in advance or they might lack a comprehensive FAQ section. No wonder they attract fewer newbies than their rivals.

Why Do So Many Online Casinos Look the Same?

Many gambling platforms stick to traditional design templates because they do not want to lose clients. When a newbie comes to an online casino for the first time, they need to get accustomed to the layout of the site. In a couple of hours (or days) they memorize the navigation. They do not need to search for particular buttons because they push them automatically.

One day, such a player might want to try their luck at another casino. If its design is different from the “native” platform of this client, the person might dislike it. They might think: “Why should I waste my time on discovering everything from scratch? Probably, I should come back to the place where I can fully concentrate on games”.

To emphasize their individuality, gambling projects need to modify details, without changing general patterns. These are a few examples of what they can do.

  • Use unique fonts
  • Add gamification
  • Invent lovely mascots
  • Create a signature style for their logos, icons and ad banners
  • Choose an unusual colour scheme

If you want to gamble at a digital casino that likes to break the rules, try a platform that does not collaborate with GamStop at – a popular British gaming site. UK gamblers can sign up for such casinos legally and win real cash there. Select a reputable independent project, verify your personality and enjoy! The fewer restrictions a casino needs to obey, the more creative its team and the more vivid its customers’ emotions.

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