5 Ways to Use Minimalist Design in Your Home

Simply put, minimalism helps you declutter your living space and also your mind, helping you adopt a lifestyle where you get rid of things that are unnecessary and unhelpful in your life. In recent years, minimalist design has become increasingly in vogue, simply because more people find its design elegant and appealing. 

This year, many homeowners have opted to go minimalistic in terms of their decor and design. If you’d like to be one such homeowner then keep reading for some helpful tips on how you may incorporate minimalism in your home.

Minimalist Drink and Tableware

Let’s start with the basics. Adopting minimalism in your entire home’s decor may seem overwhelming at first, so we’ve divided this makeover into bite-sized, practical tasks that you can commit to without too much strain. 

To begin with, think about changing all your drink and tableware to minimalist pieces. This will automatically give your crockery shelf and kitchen an instant uplift, while also making your dining table look more aesthetic and clean. Most often, people tend to focus on big changes while forgetting about the tiny details such as crockery and cutlery, so it’s a good idea to start here if you want a home that’s truly aesthetic, clean, and minimalistic. 

If you’re interested in shopping for minimalist table and drinkware but don’t know where to start, we highly recommend checking out Kinto where you’ll be able to find designer drinkware and minimalist coffee mugs.

Minimalist Art

When it comes to art and decor, you’re going to have to tone down on the brightness and color if you want to be minimalistic. Instead of adding a large number of art pieces of different sizes and colors to a room, go for a couple of large monochromatic pieces that will be the focal point of the room. Whatever color you go for, make sure it matches the rest of the aesthetic of the room. Also, remember that a big factor of minimalism is in creating empty spaces, so don’t feel pressured to place artwork all around your walls as you may have otherwise done.

Let In Light

The word minimalism immediately brings to mind images of empty, clean spaces that are typically bright and usually in tones of white or grey. This is because light and airy spaces play an important role in making one’s home feel truly clean and decluttered. If you’re someone who generally doesn’t leave the windows and curtains open, this is something you may want to work on because a minimalist design looks perfect only when there’s an adequate amount of light and freshness entering your home. 

Keep the Colors Neutral

Whether you’re choosing the cushions for your couch or shopping for a rug to add to your living room, make sure you maintain the overall tone of neutrality you’ve selected for your home. You may have to say goodbye to the boho-chic sofa ensemble you’ve had your heart set on because too many colors will give your minimalist home a cluttered feel, which is the opposite of the look we’re aiming to achieve. 

Instead, go for colors that perfectly complement each other. For example, if your walls are a shade of white then you’re going to have to choose your decor in shades of grey, cream, or white to neatly tie the aesthetic of the room together.


Before you start picking out decor and wall colors, you need to first make sure you’ve properly decluttered your living space to ensure your efforts of adopting a minimalist design are worth it. It’s almost impossible to create minimalist aesthetics if your home is cluttered with too many things you don’t really need, so begin by getting rid of all the unnecessary things in every single room of your house before you start thinking about design and decor.

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