How to decorate your child’s room like a pro

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Designing your child’s room can be nerve-racking, especially when you don’t know how to start. But it really doesn’t have to be. You can create a beautiful space for your young one while still having fun.

This article shares 9 insightful tips that you can use when decorating your child’s space.

Choose a color scheme for the room

The nursery decoration starts from the walls. You want to pick a color scheme that’s bright and visually stimulating. It has been shown to engage your kids and hold their attention better simply because their eyes can’t perceive duller colors yet. Bright nurseries are also interesting to look at for adults.

Begin with a bright base like yellow or blue and add some complimentary colors and shapes. You could also go for the default gender-based color schemes – blue for boys and pink for girls. These classics will look just as beautiful on your child’s wall.

Decide on a theme for the room

The color scheme and theme may seem like the same concept, but they are often different. The theme you choose will decide your color scheme and other decorative elements in the room. For example, you could choose a jungle theme that would require different shades of green and some bright brown.

One helpful tip is to pick a theme that will grow with your child. That way, you don’t have to redecorate every few years. Some great themes in this category include animals, cars, or space.

Make sure you have enough light in the room so they can see everything clearly

It would be a shame to put so much effort into the room’s color scheme if your child can’t see it properly. Adequate lighting goes hand in hand with colors, and so you should ensure that the room is bright enough.

Ensure that the room gets as much natural light as possible. For grey days or evenings, ambient light is a great investment. Pendants and spotlights are excellent choices, and their white light will bring out your decor’s beautiful colors quite nicely.

Add some personal touches to make it more unique (i.e., favorite toys, pictures of family members)

The most unique decors you can add to a room are those you create from experience. Adding elements from other friends and family can literally surround your baby with love. The good news is, you probably already have some elements, to begin with. Like customized blankets and quirky toys.

Take it one step further by screen-printing fabric with unique patterns and messages. You could also create custom wallpapers by ordering from Lewis Home ( Another idea is to make our own gifts, like pendants from scrapbooking paper or artifacts from styrofoam.

Add plenty of storage space for clothes and toys

During a baby shower, parents get tons of gifts from family and friends. The problem is, you’re probably going to buy even more things as the child grows older. So, it’s essential to have a lot of storage space in the child’s room.

It also helps to add some creativity to the decor. Bland shelves and drawers can be counterintuitive, especially if you’ve put so much effort into the overall decor. You can begin by trying DIY storage ideas like rolling under-the-bed toy storage and over-the-door shoe storage rack.

Choose a focal point for the decoration

With most nurseries, the crib is usually the focal point in the room. All the other furniture gathers around it as it “holds the room together.” Even though the crib is traditionally the center of the room, yours doesn’t have to be. You could go for a large window, alcove, or even a unique furniture piece that you designed personally.

Some other parents choose focal points like large toys – a teddy bear for example – or a painted dresser. There are no rigid rules when it comes to creating a center for your room, so feel free to play around until you find what works.

Make sure everything important is around the changing area

Even though there are no rigid rules, this one is pretty important. Anyone who’s ever had a baby will tell you that a large chunk of time is spent changing diapers. You want everything from extra diapers to wipes, laundry hampers, and more wipes, to be close to the changing table.

You don’t want to circle the room five times just to change a single diaper. Even worse, you don’t want to leave your baby unattended and risk her falling off the table because you ran out of wipes (seriously, you need a lot of wipes.)

Consider installing a ceiling fan

Parents will often do everything in their power to keep their children safe and healthy. A recent study published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine showed that children who slept under a ceiling fan were 72% less likely to develop SIDS.

By definition, SIDS is unexplained, and scientists have been trying to identify the cause for many years. Some findings suggest that children often die because of an insufficient supply of oxygen. While this is still being debated, a ceiling fan seems to reduce the chances of occurrence by a significant margin.

Remember that babies don’t care what the nursery looks like

It’s true that bright colors and toys can provide stimulation for your baby. But it’s also helpful to remember that your child can’t tell what the nursery looks like. Try not to beat yourself up over the decorations. Even if you couldn’t get the exclusive wallpapers you wanted, the odds are that your child will love her room all the same.

This also means that you can get away with color combinations that aren’t popular in your nursery. As long as you’re using bright colors that will engage your kids, you can do almost anything you want with your nursery. After all, you’ll be spending just as much time in there as your kids.

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