What to Do with That Extra Bedroom

So, you’ve recently picked up some real estate for sale in Whistler, have you?

And you’ve got plenty of room for yourself and the family?

Well, that sounds peachy. But what are you going to do with that extra bedroom you just had to have?

Look at it. It’s certainly spacious enough. It has some nice windows overlooking the backyard. There are plenty of outlets along the walls, so you have options for setting some things up in here.

What will you do?

Well, here are some ideas, so listen up.

Make It a Lounge

You know what’s better than one living room? A second living room, but upstairs.

That’s right: you can make that extra bedroom into a lounge for everybody (or just you) to hang out in. Get a futon, a couch, or whatever furniture you think would be most comfortable. Then, get a TV, some side tables, maybe a sound system, and this is starting to sound like a pretty fun room.

Everyone needs an area in their house where they can escape all the noise of life. And if your escape happens to be in a comfortable lounge, so be it!

Make It an Office

Do you work from home a lot? Are you a lawyer who never really gets to leave work at work? Do you just need a quiet place to get some things done, like the family finances?

Then what you need may just be a home office! Get some nice laminate flooring in there, or soft carpet if you prefer. Get a desk and chair, some bookshelves, a filing cabinet or two, and you’re on your way to having a great new place to work!

We firmly believe that work is “good” or “bad” depending on the environment where it’s done. If you set yourself up to file your taxes at the kitchen table where the kids are screaming and throwing things, that work will likely go badly.

If you do that same work in a quiet and aesthetically pleasing office, you may just find you enjoy it!

Make It Storage

Ah, the old storage option. Well, we all need it, and if you have an extra bedroom with literally nothing else to put in it, put your storage stuff in there.

You know what stuff we mean. The holiday decoration boxes that you don’t need right now but that you will need in about six months. It can’t go, but it can’t just sit around the house, either: put it away in the extra bedroom!

What else you got? Some winter clothes when it’s summer? Bathing suits when it’s January? Pack up all that stuff you don’t need right now and throw it in the extra room (well, don’t throw it. Place it in there.).

This can actually be fun for you. A clean house is a happy house.

Whatever you do with that extra bedroom, make it useful, something that benefits you. You’ll be fine.

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