Why Online Flowers Are Capturing Our Imaginations

Flowers have often inspired artists through the centuries inspired artists throughout the centuries, including the works of Monet’s Water Lilies, Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, and Georgia O’Keeffe’s Canna Lilies. It’s no secret that online flowers continue to captivate us and give us that urge to create something new. Let’s take a look at some of the ways florists change and manipulate their florals into works of art.

Bouqs Co.: Arrangements From a Bird-Eye View

Flowers are a colorful feast for the eyes, especially when the florist knows how to complement each hue into a bouquet of wonder. Take one look at the homepage for Bouqs Co., and you’ll realize how talented their florists are. Most of their bouquets are photographed from a birds-eye view with a wooden background to highlight the flowers without getting distracted by a vase.

Even a one-colored bouquet, like Hello Sunshine, features magnificent sunflowers with solidago accents to not overpower the yellow. If you want to see these flowers yourself, you can subscribe for sunflower delivery right to your door. Having fresh flowers around your home can definitely keep you inspired to tackle that new art project or home renovation.

Postal Petals: A DIYers Dream

At Postal Petals, you can select multiple petal boxes that include anywhere from six bundles in their smallest box or 15 in their biggie box. Petal Boxes are different each week, and you can mix-and-match arrangements to suit your needs. Depending on the box’s size, you could make multiple small arrangements or one giant one, so have a lot of vases handy! 

To keep yourself guessing, choose “Surprise Me,” or you can select one flower from their selection to add to the box. Postal Petals is imaginative in itself, but if you want to experiment with different colors, try BLOOM BLOOM ROOM for its variety.

1-800 Flowers: Vase Compliments the Florals

1-800 Flowers lets you pick from a selection of plants and flowers that spark the imagination and fill our tummies when combined with their assorted confectionery. Flowers can be shipped with or without the vase, box, or add-ons like creams or cookies, but you may want to keep the vase as they compliment the florals nicely.

The Spring Blooms Pitcher, which features purple campanulas in a watering can, will look nostalgic on any porch in the home. If that isn’t your style, you can try the Bloom Dish Garden for its incredible wooden window box-style container that can sit on a windowsill. What’s better than painting beautiful flowers in a matching vase while staying warm in the sun? 

Farmgirl Flowers: Charming Blooms with a Country Twist

One of the pulls of Farmgirl Flowers is the uniqueness of their flower arrangements. No two bouquets will ever look the same, and all florals will come in their signature uncycled biodegradable coffee bags. The photography on their website is very rustic and southern to inspire thoughts of home, family, and connection with nature.

Staying inspired is why we want to order flowers in the first place, and what way to keep the imagination flowing by finding a new grouping of florals each time you order? You may never have to paint or draw the same flowers more than once. That’s good news for anyone that wants to practice consistently on new mediums and models. 

Venus Et Fleur: Fresh Roses in Unique Packaging

Venus Et Fleur specializes in one of the most popular and inspiring flowers on earth: roses. Their most popular selection, the Fleur Vase with Eternity Roses, is available in 23 different colors, including dip-tied colors like gold, rainbow, and black. Eternity flowers last a year or longer, so they’re well worth the $400 you’d spend on one bouquet.

You can choose between sizable round gift boxes dyed with a marble pattern, large square mono-colored boxes, or acrylic, see-through containers. All florals will continue to inspire your imagination for years to come as the rose can promote emotional balance and better sleep.  

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