Easy Ways to Become More Creative

Being creative doesn’t necessarily mean painting a masterpiece or writing a book, it can involve everything from making up bedtime stories for your child or cooking a meal from scratch to decorating the home you just purchased among the Nashville houses for sale.

We were born as creative people – if you watch children play, it’s easy to see, but many people haven’t managed to cultivate that into adulthood. Want to get that creative spark back? These are just a few of the simple ways to do it.

Clear Your Mind With Solitude 

As productive as we can be working as a team, the brain’s imagination networks function better when we’re alone. That’s when we engage in internal reflection, which is a mental state essential for creativity. When you can tune out the world, the brain can better make particular connections and process information. 

Many have found that taking a long, hot shower brings creative benefits – there’s even been a study on it. In the book Wired to Create: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind, as reported by HuffPost, psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman notes that 72 percent of people surveyed across the globe said they had some type of new insight while they were showering. He says it’s because a “nice long shower frees your mind from critical throughout,” allowing it to wander, opening up the mind to new ideas.

Of course, anything you do alone that helps you clear your mind can have the same effect, like going for a walk.

Get Physical

Speaking of going for a walk, any physical exercise can help you adopt a more creative mindset as it helps to force you out of left brain dominant thinking while also increasing blood flow and oxygen to the brain. In turn, that sharpens mental clarity.

Doodle and Draw

When you were a kid, you probably spent lots of time doodling and drawing in notebooks, whether it was to fight the boredom of a class or for the sheer joy of creating without any pressure. Engaging in any type of art fires up all sorts of connections in the brain. The next time you’re on that conference call, be sure you have a notepad and doodle away. 

Immerse Yourself in Creativity

To be more creative yourself, immerse yourself in others’ creativity – go to gallery openings, art walks, and art museums. Read great works of literature, attend poetry readings, go to the symphony, a rock concert, watch a play.


You might be surprised to learn that traveling can even help make you more creative. That’s because new situations, from meeting new people to taking part in new adventures and navigating new streets, helps the brain make new synapses and connections that allow you to come up with more creative solutions.

Exploration is linked to the neurotransmitter dopamine, which also plays a role in learning, motivation, and other things to facilitate psychological plasticity. In the study mentioned previously, Kaufman suggested that having a drive for further exploration may be the most important personal factor when it comes to predicting creative achievement.


Bring out your inner kid by fully immersing yourself in simply doing what you enjoy by getting out of your own head. Build a fort, build anything, go outside and fly a kite – the most important thing is to think like a kid.

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