Art meets Casino- Stroke of Luck

The secret geometry of chance is akin to the secret chemistry of a well-composed artwork. It takes you to the other dimension- a place that is hard to find in the digital plunge of new media, social media, and mainstream hype.

Just like how you feel lucky on a given day, and you walk into the nearest casino; an artist picks up the brush at the moment of buzz with the urge to bring to reality what comes knocking in their imagination.

Artist galleries are becoming an increasingly common occurrence in casinos around the world and casinos online. The tasteful VIP guests and gamblers have both welcomed this artsy change. Be it the famous Red Wall Art Gallery at Resorts World Casino in NYC to the Bellagio Art Gallery at MGM Vegas or from LIK Fine Art Gallery at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino to Michael Godard Art Gallery at Rio Hotel and Casino in Vegas- they all project a touch of finesse wrapped in luxury. Finally, some worthy mentions are the David Holtzman Gallery at Ocean Casino Resort and the Wentworth Art Gallery at the Hard Rock Hotel Casino in Atlantic City.

Art meets Casino is the attraction of rich and famous. Good art takes you to places that you have never been to, and a stroke of luck in this blissful aura is the perfect recipe for a lucky trip. Good art is not only a joy to the soul, but it is also an excellent investment to secure happy wins on any given lucky day. It packs pleasant memories with a well-found collection during a worthy visit.

Art pieces on display range everything from contemporary to pop and from classic to rock. You will find something for everyone and even from everyone. There are diversified showcases for seasoned art collectors to art pieces by rock stars, which you won’t find anywhere else. The curation is edgy, soothing, eclectic, and everything in between.

The footfall at casinos varies, and so does this art. It all depends on what connects with you and what nourishes your senses. It also depends if you want to gift that art piece as a lucky charm to a loved one. One thing is notable- the assortments are crisp, and their appeal is unique. As expected, there is no specific theme. You can get all styles and finishes unless at the Hard Rock Casino gallery that projects art pieces and insignia from famous rockstars.

In terms of mediums, be ready to get surprised. Visiting them with an open mind is part of the thrill in these new wave galleries. One such installation is the Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino that launched Interactive Augmented Reality Art Gallery Exhibit- the first for any Las Vegas Hotel. The gallery tower also gives a new vibrant entrance to the hotel-casino floor- adding on to the new age touch to such properties with a stroke of art wrapped up luck.


Do avail an opportunity to visit any such gallery; it will give a new meaning to your quest for a masterpiece.

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