Slots That Raised Controversy On Their Release

Gambling is a controversial subject in fact it always has been and always will be. There are those who will always see it as a social menace whilst others will forever see it as some harmless entertainment.

Obviously headlines about gambling addiction and gambling addiction linked crimes, do not help matters, but when you consider that millions of people gamble regularly and only a small number become gambling addicts who destroy themselves financially, then it puts things into perspective.

It is not only gambling that is controversial, even some of the games with free slots bonuses within the industry have stirred controversy too. Now more than ever before punters are questioning the integrity of online casinos, slot games and other gamble games as well. 

Licensing and Regulations 

In 1996, gambling brands took the plunge and decided to embrace digital technology by moving their products online. This move proved highly popular and this created a huge market for slots, online casinos and other gambling games. This huge expansion in the industry came with controversy as thousands of unhappy punters fell foul of dishonest casinos and dishonest casino practices. In reaction to this and to prevent the image of the gambling industry from being permanently tarnished, the UK Gambling Commission came into existence and its purpose was to license and regulate all forms of gambling in the UK. Other countries have reacted the same way to protect their gambling public as well, with the creation of their own relevant bodies. Despite all this there are many punters that remain unhappy and some even question the integrity of the Random Number Generator or RNG that actually produces casino spins. 

Slots Controversy 

To add fuel to the flames, some slots releases have also courted controversy as well. Playtech is one of the biggest produces of slots games and they are famous for their Greek gods themed slots. They even had a lucrative superhero slots franchise deal before Disney pulled the plug on it. Playtech moved away from Greek gods and superheroes with an inter-galactic themed slot called Space Digger.  This slot is played on 5-reels with 20 active paylines and consists of wilds, scatters and free spins features. However, it does come with a new feature called a Game Modifier and this has caused friction between punters, casinos and Playtech itself. This Game Modifier opens the door for casino operators to enhance Space Digger’s features at their discretion. This basically means that the game can be more rewarding to some punters over others, instead of giving everyone the same opportunity to win. This situation has been best described as ‘casinos being able to offer a higher RTP on Space Digger to players of their choosing.’ 

Final Thoughts 

Playtech’s Justice League piloted this feature, but it is thought that online casino establishments can abuse it at their will. New players can tempted to become regulars if this feature is switched on especially for them and VIPs could be kept satisfied in the exact same way too.

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