Everything To Know About Converting PPT To PDF With PDF Bear

These days, we use Portable Document Format, commonly known as PDF, as the standard when saving our files because they are convenient for sending them via e-mail. One of the primary reasons is that PDF files are universal, meaning they can be accessed from multiple platforms, wherever and whenever. With PDFs, there’s no need to be frustrated about not sending or accessing your files because they are compact in size and universal.


In some cases, we may tend to be forgetful. We mostly save our files and documents to their default format. Now let’s talk about PPT. Imagine having to present a Powerpoint to your class or officemates, and as soon as you put or send the file, the device or the receiver can’t access the file. This is where PDF Bear’s PPT to PDF online converter tool comes and lightens up the workload for you. With this tool, you can convert that Powerpoint to PDF easily and quickly.

How To Convert PPT to PDF

With PDF Bear, even though you don’t have a Powerpoint in your hands, you don’t need to frustrate yourself because PDF Bear’s PPT to PDF online converter tool also supports PPTX format. In converting your PPT, you don’t need to select any other options as you convert your file; you only need a single click to convert your PPT to PDF and download it for free. In PDF Bear, convert PPT to PDF with so much ease and comfort. It has never been easier.

So there are four easy to understand and hassle-free steps to transforming your PPT to PDF. No need to worry about getting expertise because, with PDF Bear, you can do it yourself! The first step in the conversion is to upload the PPT you wish to convert into PDF. After uploading, the converter will instantly process the conversion of your file. After the conversion, if you wish to modify your file, you can do so. When all is set, you can now download your file now.

Choosing PDF Bear As Your De Facto Standard

Looking for the right converter tool that suits your worth ethic and other standards is quite difficult. There are a number of online tool converters out there. You can just search with your browser, and there goes an almost unending list. What makes PDF Bear stand out from the rest? One of the primary reasons PDF Bear tops the rest is that PDF Bear offers an all in one package, converting other file formats into your desired file format.

Aside from the conversion tools making PDF Bear an all in one package, there are several factors as to why choose PDF Bear. They also offer the service of organizing and optimizing your files. The need to merge, split, delete pages, compress, or repair PDF, you can again do it here. Viewing and modifying your files as you convert them has never been made so simple. Lastly, the best thing about PDF Bear is you can use it as much as you want for free!

Privacy Policy, Confidentiality, And Security

There are indeed so many reasons to doubt whenever you have to upload files over the internet. At some point, we’ve all been hearing issues about files being hacked or stolen over the internet. This is also true regarding online tool converters and the security of their services. But when it comes to PDF Bear, their privacy policy and security are one to brag. PDF Bear values its customers and respects their privacy, ensuring your files are in good hands.

PDF Bear guarantees 100% safety when handling your files with their conversion tools.  They don’t keep the files in their system; after the conversion, all the files you and the server upload will get deleted in 60 minutes.  One factor that is also impressive is that the content both you and the online tool converter upload is exclusively yours; no one can access the file but you. Rest assured, when it comes to PDF Bear’s security, privacy is paramount.


Having an online converter tool at the back of your hands surely takes off most of the workload. It doesn’t really matter which profession you are, or even if you’re still studying, at some point, this will be convenient for you. It is essential to have this easy to learn and navigate tools. When it’s about converting PDFs and other related tools, PDF Bear is the sure way to go.

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