3 Decorations You Need for Your Child’s Next Birthday

Kids’ birthday parties have become increasingly elaborate, with many parents wanting to throw an event their child will remember for a lifetime. The Business Insider recently reported that some are even spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, citing a one-year-old who had a Luxembourg Gardens-inspired party for that special 1st, which cost a whopping six figures. 

Of course, most of us don’t have that kind of cash even if we wanted to do the same for our kids’ birthdays, and there’s really no reason to when it’s easy to put together something memorable for a fraction of the cost. Using these decorations, your child is sure to be thrilled.

Decorations That Turn Your Home Into Jurassic Park

Just about every kid loves dinosaurs, which is a really fun theme to base your decorations on. Transforming your home into Jurassic Park is probably easier than you think too. With custom cardboard cutouts, you can surround your child and guests with everything from raptors to Tyrannosaurus Rex, Pterodactyls, Triceratops, and Diplodocus. 

When you’re planning games and activities, be sure to include a dino dig by filling up a big bucket or a small kids’ pool with sand and placing little plastic dinosaur “fossils” inside – they’re cheap and readily available on sites like Amazon.

A King or Queen’s Throne

Sticking with the dino theme (or using it with any other theme you prefer), you can let your child be the king or queen of the dinosaurs by creating a throne chair, the perfect spot for blowing out those candles and enjoying the cake. Find a chair with arms and a flat back, and then measure the dimensions of the back of the chair. Cut a piece of cardboard in the same width size as the chair’s back, but a foot longer, then tape it to the back of the chair. Cover the chair with a gold sheet and then glue strips of a rich velvet in a deep red or purple shade around the outline of the gold, giving it the look of royalty. If the gold sheet is too big, you can pull it tightly and then pin it at the back of the chair and the legs and arms, covering the pins with red ribbon.

To finish, write “king” or “queen” followed by your child’s name in silver glitter glue across the top of the throne. You can also add adhesive gems or any other decorations you’d like. A red seat cushion is perfect for completing the look and for added comfort.

The Jungle

A jungle backdrop is great with a dinosaur theme, and it can also be used with many others, like a jungle safari or Disney’s “Jungle Book.” It’s a lot of fun and fairly easy to do, giving your home or the room you plan to throw the party in a jungle feel with lots of green and brown. You can add live plants and then fill in the rest with green streamers, used as the vines. Coupled with the dinosaur cut outs, it’s sure to look amazing. For even more fun, print a dinosaur footprint template and then cut the prints out of black or colorful construction paper and tape them to your driveway leading up and into the house.

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