Knowing Some Useful Features And Advantages Of Using PDFBear As Your Daily PDF Tool

Never underestimate the little details, such as the features you’ll get from a particular thing, which goes the same with a PDF converter. PDFBear has been on the top since it started, and if you still haven’t tried PDFBear yet, this is your chance of knowing some of its most useful features and its advantages.

Easy Way Of Removing Pages From A PDF File

Here’s a quick and easy guide on how to delete pages in PDF using PDFBear’s most reliable PDF page remover tool. This one is pretty straightforward, but if you’re not very familiar with PDFbear yet, then you better take time in understanding these steps on how you can quickly delete particular pages from your file or PDF.

When using any tool of PDFBear, the first thing that you should do is go to its primary or main website since that’s the only way you can use all of its featured tools, which you can use for free. After you entered PDFBear’s page, just find the “Delete PDF Pages,” which you can find under the Organize PDF category since PDFBear has many types of PDF categories.

After successfully entering PDFBear’s PDF pages remover, you can now just read the steps that PDFBear added on the page, and only for you to know, PDFBear provided each of its available tools easy steps for anyone can follow if they are not very familiar with navigating PDFFBear. You’ll be able to understand the provided instruction as long as you know how to read.

Repairing Your Corrupted or Damaged PDF File

If you experience or you have a corrupted PDF file, don’t worry; PDFBear will help you fix that. With its exceptional {PDF repairing tool, you’ll be able to use your PDF in no time. But the big question here is how can you use PDFBear’s Repair PDF feature because if you don’t know how to use it, it will just be useless.

So, here’s a simple guide on how you can take advantage of PDFBear’s excellent PDF repair tool. The initial thing is that you have to initiate transfers or upload your file to PDFBear’s server, and you can find that on the exact page of the said tool. Your file will be analyzed and repaired afterward.

Note that even though PDFBear is one of the best online PDF tools, there still some limitations on its capability, such as in repairing broken PDF files. If your file or PDF is beyond repair or if it’s heavily damaged, PDFBear won’t be able to save your file. Nevertheless, PDFBear will provide all of its ability to repair or fix your PDF for you to use again.

Applying Extra Security To Your PDF By Adding A Password

One out of the many things that separate PDFBear from its competition is its exceptional PDF password protection feature, which you can also use for free without any hidden charges; how awesome is that? So, this unique feature or tool of PDFBear will help you add extra security for all of your PDFs by adding your customized password.

To do this, you just have to select or pick the particular PDF that you want and put it on PDFBear’s system. After putting it on PDFBear’s system, PDFBear will ask you to manually input or type your password. Once done, you can just click “Encrypt PDF,” and your file is now protected with your unique password.

Why is it critical that you have to put or add a password into your PDF? That’s because there are many people right now that cannot be trusted, primarily online. If you’re handling large accounts on your PDF, then putting a password to it will be one of your best decisions in life as the quote goes, “Better Safe Than Sorry,” which is true.

Removing Your PDF Password Permanently Using PDFBear

Since you already know the importance of putting a password into your PDF and how to add it using PDFFBear, you can also easily remove it anytime you want using PDFBear’s “Unlock PDF” tool. If you think that having a password to your file or PDF isn’t necessary anymore, with the “Unlock PDF” tool, you can delete your password in just a blink of an eye.

The process of removing or deleting your password is still the same as how you added it. Pick or select your file, and type your password, then click “Unlock PDF.” PDFBear will just prompt you once it successfully removes your password.


If you want to find the best PDF converter on the internet right now, you should not take any chances. With a little idea of knowing about the features and advantages of a particular PDF tool, you’ll know which of them offers the best experience, and that’s PDFBear.



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