How to Start a Home-Based Business From DIY Wax Ornaments

For many people, the holidays can become a time of excess. There’s a lot to buy, a lot to eat and drink, and a lot to do. That’s why it can be so comforting to experience something natural and inviting. DIY ornaments made of wax can provide just those types of feelings. For people who get frustrated by the plastic and the paper that get used and thrown away, wax is an amazing renewable material from which to make DIY ornaments. The best part is, if you are good at it, you can even start a home-based business and make some money from your skill. There’s not a lot of overhead, and who doesn’t need a little extra cash around the holidays?

How to Make DIY Wax Ornaments

Step 1

First thing you need to do is put together your materials. That means getting beeswax from a craft supply store. You can use block wax or pellets for your DIY ornaments. You will also need a large pot, and a large glass bowl. You will also need some molds. You can use pre-fabricated cookie molds, or even make some of your own. 

Step 2

Grab your pot and fill up with water to about half. Put the glass bowl on the water. This will create a boiler for melting your wax. Turn the heat to medium, and put the wax in the boil. You don’t have to worry too much about the amount you use, since you can also re-melt unused wax for later projects. Just make sure you have enough to fill your molds. 

Step 3

Once the wax is melted, pour it into the molds. Do this as quickly as possible, because wax will set before you know it. This is where you can add different elements to spice up your design, like glitter, color, and some things to give it texture. If you want, you can put your molds into the fridge to help them set. 

Customize Them

Once they are set, your DIY ornaments are good to go! However, you don’t have to stop the process there. If you are going to sell your ornaments, it’s always a good idea to offer the customer a little something extra. It’s one thing to sell your ready-made wax DIY ornaments, but it’s quite another to be able to offer some customization. That’s where a Trotec Laser comes into play. You can create custom images and messages on your ornaments without even knowing how to use laser engraving before trying. The process is simple, or you can get a service provider to help. It will make your DIY ornaments look more professional and add that personal touch. 

Market Yourself

Marketing is a big part of any business, no matter what size. You need to decide what type of business you want to run, and what your market will be. You can stick to the home show circuit and put a few extra dollars in your pocket. However, you might want to try expanding, which will take a more sophisticated marketing effort. You can build a website, use analytics to track visitors and conversions, and grow your brand on social media. As you grow, you could end up selling your DIY ornaments to markets around the world, far beyond your immediate surrounding area. The best thing about a home-based business in the age of digital technology is that you can reach whoever you want to reach more easily than ever before. It may be a smart idea to start small for your first season, and then build your business as you go. 

Be Patient

A lot of people who start home-based businesses get frustrated quickly and get out of it soon after starting. The truth is, building a business takes time. Your DIY ornaments may be the best product in the history of the universe, but that does not mean they will immediately sell like hotcakes. It will take hard work and patience to get the word out and build your client base. That might mean not making much of a return on your investment at first. The good thing is, if you started modestly, you can afford to make some mistakes and learn from them. Figure out what worked and didn’t during your first season, and make the necessary changes to make your DIY ornaments the must-have holiday item the following year. 

There are so many benefits to starting a home-based business. For starters, you can make your own hours and be your own boss. You are also the one who will set the limits on where you want your business to go and what you want it to do for you. There is nothing better than doing something you love and making some money from it at the same time. 


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