How to pick a Slot Machine

Whilst the 19th century is typically referred to as a time where the new casino game of roulette was ruling the roost, as we moved into the 20th century a new player joined the game: slot machines. That’s right, towards the very end of the 1800s a man called Charles D. Fey made some crucial alterations that resulted in his Liberty Bell machine becoming a massive commercial success. 

It wasn’t long until his Liberty Bell machine could be found across various bars and saloons in California, and only a few decades after these slot machines were spreading all around the world. With so many people now playing online and land-based slots there is now a huge market for developers to aim for, and this has resulted in thousands of different games being available to play at Diamond Jackpots these days. But how do you end up picking a slot machine? Read ahead to find out. 

Online or land-based? 

There are several parameters to keep an eye on when choosing a slot machine to play these days, however the main decision to make is whether or not you are going to play online or on land-based games. There are pros and cons to both, with online slots being a lot more accessible than their land-based counterparts, and often a lot more exciting due to innovative bonus features and game mechanics. 

However, with that being said, it can be difficult to beat the experience of playing on classic land-based slot games, especially those that are in Las Vegas, the spiritual home of slot machines. Take the Megabucks machines, for instance, a bunch of historically famous progressive jackpot machines that have made multiple people millionaires over the years. 

Keep an eye on the RTP 

If you are playing online slots there is one piece of information that you definitely want to keep an eye on, as it can make the difference between winning money and losing it. RTP stands for Return To Player, and it is a key piece of info to take into account when trying to pick a slot machine to gamble on. 

RTP basically tells you the average amount you can expect see back from your stake on any given slot game, and it is given as a percentage. Aim for games that have RTPs of over 97% for the best chance of winning! 

Look out for slot volatility 

It’s not all about RTP though, you know, as slot volatility can also play a large part in your decision. High volatility slots will make it easier for gamblers to win large amounts with large bets, however naturally it is also easier to lose large bets at the same times. On the other hand are low volatility slots, ones that make it easier to plug away with smaller wins, but harder to score any huge jackpots. 

Aim for big bonus features 

In the modern online slots world the bonus features are where the big prizes are at, so look for games with large bonus features.

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