Celebrities who love slot machines 

Everybody loves spinning the reels on slot machines these days, and that is a fact you just cannot get away from in the 21st century especially. Don’t believe us? Well just consider the outrageously huge amount of revenue that the slots industry brings in each and every year – would it really be able to do this without such a huge volume of gamblers spinning those reels? 

The answer is no, it would not. But it isn’t just the general public who love playing slots uk, as there are also countless celebrities who have become know for their love of gambling on the machines. This shouldn’t really be a surprise either, as most of these celebs have a pretty vast bankroll with which to gamble with. If you had that level of cash we are pretty sure you would spend a lot of time spinning the reels too! Read ahead for some of our favourite celebrities who love slot machines. 

Pamela Anderson 

The beautiful Pamela Anderson shot to fame as a result of the incredibly popular Baywatch series that saw her share the screen with other famous figures such as Arnold Schwarzenegger. The public obviously couldn’t get enough of the scantily dressed C.J Parker, as Pamela Anderson received a wealth of modelling and acting call ups after the show ended. 

As you might imagine she was also plastered on the side of many slot machines of the era, which is funny because Anderson herself absolutely loves spinning those reels. She has been spotted in Las Vegas slots halls multiple times over the years, with some gamblers even reporting that she was sat at one of her own branded Baywatch slot machines! One thing is for certain: Pamela Anderson sure knows how to gamble in style!  

David Gest 

Before we say anything else we have to say a big Rest In Peace to David Gest, who tragically passed away not too long ago. The famous celebrity, also married to superstar singer and actress, Liza Minelli was known to love spending time in Las Vegas slots halls throughout his life, often ending up picking up a lovely jackpot in the process too. 

Unfortunately, however, David Gest may not have got the memo regarding responsible gambling, because his love of slot machines took a tragic turn in the last years of his life. Suffering from a pretty severe gambling addiction it became increasingly hard for him to stop his habit, and he was many hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt because of this. 

Ben Affleck 

Ben Affleck is best known for his roles in a variety of Hollywood box office smash hit movies, however he is also a serial gambler who is famous for winning huge jackpots on games like blackjack and poker. Whilst these games are undeniably his favourites, the actor has also been known to relax with some gambling downtime on the comparatively less tense world of slot machines. Yet another celebrity who just cannot resist spinning those reels! 

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