The Growing Popularity of Mobile Slots Amongst iGamers

Playing games upon your smartphone has become an incredibly common way for people of all ages to unwind and switch off from the chaos and stresses of modern, demanding lifestyles. Once seen as mainly just for teens, gaming has now become popular with all demographics and is an easy, convenient way to relax, whether in the evening, on the work commute, in between meetings or on the journey home from school. One of the most common types of games played on mobile devices are mobile slots, and we’re going to take a look at why – and how – they have skyrocketed in popularity over the years.

Play at your Leisure

The most obvious reason for the rise in the number of people playing online games – particularly mobile slots – is how convenient it is to play. Gone are the days when you had to visit a land-based casino at a certain time of day in order to spin the reels of your favourite fruit machine. Nowadays, most people have a smartphone, and it couldn’t be easier to pick up your device, log in to an online casino and be spinning away within a few seconds. Mobile slots can be played anytime, anywhere, (with an internet connection) thanks to improvements in mobile technology over the past 20 years.

Playing slots online is also convenient thanks to ease of play. There are no complex rules to study, and most slots (especially the classic type) are very easy to play, without much knowledge or any strategy.

Pay By Mobile Deposit Functions

Security and safe deposit methods are a must for any iGaming site, pay by mobile slots are one of the latest innovations in mobile casino deposit solutions and a big deal amongst players that like quick and easy deposits of small amounts. Mobile casinos that have a pay by mobile function allows players to deposit funds safely via their mobile phone credit.

Economical Slots

Heading out to your nearest brick and mortar casino may have incurred additional costs to the amount you had set aside for wagering on slot machines. Travelling to and from the venue, plus any potential entry fees, bar charges, etc; this can all add up. It can be much more cost effective to play mobile slots. There is nothing else to purchase other than the sum you wish to bet on each spin.

Endless Choice

An extra benefit to playing online slots on your mobile is the sheer range of slot games available; there is in an incredible amount of choice and a game to suit every kind of preference. From diverse genres such as Egyptian, TV shows, animals, history, popular culture and more, to a wide range of bonus features (free spins, respins, sticky wilds, very few paylines or hundreds of paylines), there is something to suit everyone, and it is great fun choosing an online slot to play.

Bonuses & Promotions

Land-based casinos simply cannot compete with online and mobile casinos when it comes to generous promotions and bonuses. Most reputable casinos will offer a decent welcome package when signing up; for instance, free spins and/or a first deposit bonus. Many online casinos will also reward generously for loyalty. Free spins and bonus cash are a fantastic way to improve your chances of a win.

Play at your Pace

Playing slots remotely is also hassle-free as you can you play at the pace you prefer, as well as anonymously. There can be pressure from others at land-based casinos; if it is busy, for example, and other players or dealers are waiting for your next move.

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