Best Disposable Cameras To Take With You While Exploring The World

Disposable cameras are usually used by those who travel very often and don’t feel safe taking their reusable cameras along with them because of situations like camera getting stolen or broken or they simply cannot afford reusable cameras. Disposable cameras are designed to be used once. Disposable cameras were first introduced by Fujifilm in 1980’s; these were designed to make photography easy for everyone. However, some come with fixed focus lenses; some are waterproof for underwater photography. 135 film or an APS cartridge are internally used by these cameras. Some of the disposable cameras can be recycled. Each time a shot is taken, the user have to advance the film manually as disposable cameras does not have auto-wind feature, so it must be done by user before taking another photo. The flash does not automatically open in disposable cameras based on lightning conditions, so, you have to manually on/off it if the flash is required or not required.

Why Should We Use A Disposable Camera?

The best disposable camera is easy to use and user friendly so it becomes easier for newbies to capture their best moments. These cameras are used as popular and helpful product for tourists and are also used in wedding favors. These cameras have built-in flash and preloaded with film. There are more reasons beyond parties and travels that why should you buy a disposable camera.

It is quite helpful in your assignments. Disposable camera proves to be best for behind-the-scenes shots. They prove to be quite great if you are doing a professional photo shoot.

Most of the users take advantage of its simplicity, because you can easily take random photos without thinking about it a lot. Most of the creative things that you cannot do on your expensive camera like for textured effect scratching and taping filters, you can experiment on your disposable camera. If you want to do something fun, the Simple Use Film Camera in Loom Chrome Purple and Color Negative has color gel filters which can enhance your photo shoots.

Traveling With A Disposable Camera

It’s much more comforting to travel with a disposable camera rather than a DSLR or other heavy cameras. Disposable cameras offer great quality pictures. It enables you to take a quick shot of your memorable moment without waiting for focus or setting the lenses. As a traveler, it’s necessary to have a good camera and disposable cameras are the best choice available. The small and easy to carry disposable camera gives you a wonderful experience while traveling.

What Features Should Be In The Best Disposable Camera?

A disposable camera should be inexpensive, easy to use and user friendly. Disposable camera is much lighter and it should be easy to carry along. It should not compromise in the quality of pictures. It should be waterproof as the weather changes very quickly. It should have a preloaded cartridge. These are some of the most important aspects you should care about while buying a disposable camera.

Reviews On Some Best Disposable Camera :

There are some disposable cameras which are highly rated by users, some of them are following:

Kodak Fun Saver: It is one of the best disposable cameras. It is brightly colored disposable camera with 27 exposures and come with a built-in flash and has a range of 4 ft to 10 ft. It has a durable plastic coating which stands a few knocks.

Lomo 400 Simple Use: It’s really simple to use and has 36 different exposures. The plastic optics produces a softer image and different look than other cameras.

Rollie Inferno Ragazzi: It has great film stock with very good exposure latitude. It performs best in bright sunny days.

Fujifilm Disposable Camera: It’s the easiest and smallest among others. It takes great picture in bright day as well as in low or dim light. It excels others in every way and is also the cheapest. Best quality materials are used to make it more attractive. It gives you an elegant look and great experience. It’s loaded with Fujicolor 400 speed film; it has 27 different exposures to choose from and is available in single or double pack.

Agfa Photo LeBox 400: This camera is non-waterproof and comes with a built-in flash having four meter range and its batteries are recognizable as Agfa Brand. It is another option which helps you to take snaps in parties, weddings etc. without being stressed of it being lost or damaged. It can be recycled, just drop it in your local street processor.


A disposable camera is one of the most important thing you should care about while traveling or in a wedding, party and more. It has low cost and it lets you escape the risk of damaging or losing your expensive camera or smartphone. It has a lot of positive reviews and most of the disposable cameras can be recycled by a high street processor. It is a fun experience to use one in a photo-shoot.

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