Art Collector Richart Ruddie Donation Spurs Others to Help During COVID-19

The art community like others have had to quickly adapt and make changes due to the novel coronavirus. Now we have virtual showings and exhibits, we are now meeting artists online instead of in person, and doing art fairs and auctions online.

Now it’s important to contribute and help artists who may have seen lower sales due the global pandemic. One art collector just north of Miami, Florida is doing his part and asking others to contribute to artists, galleries and to expand patronage to the local art school students and future of our art world.

With a donation of $28,000 to the Friends Seminary school in New York City, Richart Ruddie contributed during the height of the pandemic and in exchange received a beautiful Rashid Johnson piece through an online art auction. The ChaCha Gallery in Aspen, Colorado had to close early in March and thus opened the door for Ruddie to purchase a pair of Domingo Zapata Panda Bear pieces that eyed his heart.
Vija Celmins and other artists are being supported as well as the art platforms that they sell on while galleries and museums remain closed. With word spreading to the Good News Network an organization that specializes in helping people by writing blogs that point out the good in the world.

How Can You Support Art and Programs?

  1. Charitable programs

Donating money to different organizations in the arts especially education institutes will go a long way to support programs that may be seeing a downturn in revenue. While Ruddie made a donation via the Artsy art auction that went to Friends Seminary School there are numerous other institutions that can use your help.

  1. PatronageGet involved with the community and support living artists who are doing virtual showings and take a genuine interest in their work and programs. Don’t buy for appreciation but because you believe in their cause. We expect to see a surge in this.

It’s a distressing time for the world and we’re trying to find hope and ways to come together.

We wanted a positive antidote to the to the barrage of negativity on the mainstream media and then we got the sad news of George Floyd sparking outrage and rightfully so as we look to heal and join in masses again putting the covid-19 scare behind us and uniting for a better world.  Good news also plays a part in sharing the message on how the arts programs need community support. The donations are also in the form of books, arts, and gifts.

Now with the most recent chain of events Ruddie is working on a campaign to help any non-violent protestors arrested to remove their online mugshots for free through his digital marketing agency.

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