5 Reasons to Pass Cisco 300-135 Exam and Get CCNP R&S Certified. How to Manage That Using Practice Tests?


IT certifications from Cisco are among the most sought-after qualifications by organizations seeking to fill specific technical positions. The reason for this mostly lies in Cisco’s focus on equipping professionals of different IT areas. Getting certified means that professionals are truly skilled and knowledgeable in what they specialize in. For instance, if you desire to be amongthese dependable and competent networking professionals, you need to consider obtaining the CCNP Routing and Switching credentials and passing the Cisco’s Page For Home exam – one of the series of three required.

This article looks at this exam’s details and helps you understand the reasons to pass it and know effective preparation techniques.

What to Know About Exam 300-135?

The Cisco 300-135 TSHOOT exam targets professionals who desire to become CCNP Routing and Switching certified. To obtain this credential and generally sit for its three required exams (300-101 Route, 300-115 Switch, and 300-135 TShoot) you must already have a CCNA R&S or any CCIE certification.

Exam 300-135 tests your ability to plan and perform regular management of advanced enterprise switched and routed networks. As you prepare for this test, you’re going to study and master the following topics:

  • Network principles,
  • Layer 2 and layer 3 related technologies,
  • Infrastructure services,
  • Infrastructure security,
  • VPN technologies.

This test consists of 15-25 questions that you should complete in 120 minutes. Also, don’t forget to pay a registration fee of $300 when scheduling your assessment.

Cisco Updates Overview

Candidates preparing to sit for this Prepaway Cisco exam or any other should first check its official website to know about the upcoming changes in the certification program. The pivotal date is 24th, February 2020. You need to pass the chosen exam before it, as after this date candidates will have to pass new tests. In terms of CCNP R&S badge, current exams will be replaced by new ones, which include Cisco 350-401, the core test, and one other test you need to choose from the available six concentration exams. Those who take and pass these tests will get the CCNP Enterprise certification that replaces the current CCNP R&S badge. However, passing 300-135 now is not useless because it gives you a credit in earning this new certification.

5 Reasons to Pass Exam 300-135

Getting certified is something invaluable as it acts as a validation to potential employers that you’re serious about offering the best value. Here are reasons to pass Cisco exam 300-135:

  1. You achieve a prestigious certification

Cisco is an accrediting organization whose credentials are used as a standard measure by recruiting companies. Its reputation as one of the best producer and distributor of networking products and services. That makes them even more popular. After passing 300-135 exam, together with 300-101 and 300-115, you gain the CCNP R&S badge. Having this one on your CV list will attract more employers, thus you’ll get more job offers and be able to choose the one that suits you most. More to add, it will open great doors for you as a professional.


  1. You remain current

The exam helps you stay current in the relevant technologies. This will help you keep ahead of others who don’t have similar qualifications. Through continuous learning, you’ll always be up to date with the required routing and switching regulations and technologies. Your knowledge base and skills will be an asset to you as you seek for a job. If you’re committed to succeeding in your career, never neglect such opportunities that offer you an advantage during recruitment.

  1. You demonstrate excellence

Having a certification validates your skills and knowledge to your employer and colleagues. It offers a proof that you have achieved some of the highest technology standards in the area you’re specializing in. Exam 300-135 helps you learn various switching and routing technologies that help you become competent in your job role, and qualifies you as a real professional.

  1. You’re getting hired

One of the leading intentions to become certified is to get hired. Employers usually seek for knowledgeable, experienced and certified professionals with skills that stand out. A certification is an essential mark on your CV that makes you stand out of the crowd of the candidates for the same job position. If you want to turn that interview into a real job, then it’s time to pass this Cisco exam and get CCNP R&S certified!

  1. You receive better pay

Passing exam 300-135 offers you a chance to earn better rates. This is because when certified, you demonstrate to employers that you take your career seriously and are willing to invest in getting better at what you do. Such employers would not hesitate to pay you when you are a certified employee. As PayScale reports, your annual salary will estimate about $94,000.

As for career opportunities, with the CCNP R&S credential, you can be hired as a senior network engineer, consulting engineer, and network support engineer among others.

How Practice Tests Can Assist You to Pass Exam 300-135?

As a critical aspect of your networking career, getting the best resources to study the Cisco 300-135 exam should be a priority. You have to consider revision materials that give you an in-depth understanding of the test topics and all relevant concepts.

These materials should also be able to give you a pointer on the areas that are most likely to be tested. In this case, you’ll need practice tests from the Prepaway.biz website as they offer you such opportunities. Beyond gaining in-depth learning and getting a clue on what might be tested, Cisco 300-135 practice tests also allow you a chance to know the test structure. This will enable you to have enough confidence while preparing and during the actual exam paper.

If you wish to get it right with practice tests, PrepAway.biz is the best place to visit. It offers you an opportunity to learn with their TSHOOT exam Premium Bundle which costs $39,99 and includes an expert-verified file with questions and answers, a study guide, and video training courses. And this is not all, you’ll also be able to access free practice tests for Cisco 300-135 offered in the ete format that you can easily download and then practice in the ETE Exam Simulator as to feel the real exam situation.


Passing the Cisco 300-135 exam isn’t just about getting that most coveted job. It’s also about acquiring the best skills, excellence, and remaining current in as far as your area of focus is concerned. As a committed professional, you’re going to ensure you use the best exam preparation materials to pass this exam. Using the most actual and valid practice tests will boost your chances of attaining great marks so as to acquire your CCNP R&S credential. Get confident to face your exam with these test prep materials and be assured of performing well in your exam and career.

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