Online Casinos Cheats: Is There A Way?

When it comes to gambling, you can either go to a physical casino and have fun there, or you can play at home online, on a site like judi online in the comforts of your own home. Many people prefer gambling at home as they can do it when they want. Of course, it doesn’t offer the same social aspect but it’s worth it. You can still get the same benefits of gambling online, such as being able to withdraw your deposit at any time! This is called non sticky bonus and is something which many gamblers appreciate! Gambling has changed so much recently, and it’s only getting better. But it wasn’t always so easy to gamble though.

Do you want to know what the biggest problem faced by casinos was in the early and mid 20th Century? It wasn’t a lack of money or popularity, or even mechanical faults… Oh no, the single biggest obstacle faced by these casinos was in fact the emergence of a highly sophisticated network of cheats that would continuously bleed these places dry. This is why it’s important to do your research before putting money into an online casino because you want to make sure it is secure, safe, and fair to play. While the vast majority of casinos are fair to play on, some are being taken advantage of by cheats.

Can you really blame them? Casinos often have more money in them than banks, so it is only natural that gangsters and crooks are drawn to the establishments. Unfortunately for these people new technological developments have constantly made it harder and harder for casino cheats, and easier to just click to play online casino securely. This is especially true of the present day too, where the online casino has made it pretty much impossible to cheat. Is there a way? Let’s find out.

Casino Cheats Of The Past

So, to properly understand the question about modern online casino cheats it is necessary to wind back the clocks a bit and explore some of the most common cheats of the past. It was ten times easier to cheat in physical casinos back then, there is no arguing with that. One of the most common, for instance, was as simple as drilling a hole through a coin and slipping a string through it… easy peasy!

Crooks also had a habit of using powerful electro-magnets to manually turn the reels into winning combinations, something that was quickly rendered obsolete by improved slot machine casings. As you can see it wasn’t exactly hard to cheat in casinos of the past, however none of these archaic methods would work today.

Taking Advantage Of The RNG at UK casinos

It begs the question; can you cheat in online casino these days? Straight off the bat we can tell you that you certainly cannot in the same way, however there are things that cheats can still do. In order to have any idea how to cheat on something like an online slot game you first have to understand how they work, and the answer to this is inextricably wrapped up in the RNG or Random Number Generator.

This is the thing that influences where the reels will land after each spin, so if you can find a way to manipulate it you will find cheating really rather easy. The bad news is you will have to have an incredible knowledge of computer programming to do so… better start learning now, eh? Better to play by the rules and have fun on these sites. Plus, you can find plenty of casino bonuses that you have access to just by checking out sites like this ( to improve your experience while playing online.

Spin Counting: A Fake Cheat?

Something that many online slot professionals do these days is work out the average number of spins between each win, and then place their bets accordingly. Of course, this isn’t really a cheat method as it is all above board, however some people will argue that it could be classed as a “soft cheat”.

So, what is the answer to the question: can you cheat online? The short answer is that in most cases you cannot cheat in online casino. However if you happen to be a computer whizz there is always a way.

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