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Piano lessons are never really over for professional pianists, as they need to keep taking them in order to further better their playing throughout their musical career. And these lessons sometimes cost a lot of money. Believe it or not, you can actually teach yourself piano on your own, which will not only help you save a ton but it also turns out it is quite achievable. Of course, in order to be successful in that undertaking, it is a good idea to follow a few tips, outlined below.

Choose Your Style

The best way to start is by thinking about the style you are interested in. That is, because not everybody wants to be trained in classical music. Some are content to just learn a couple of favorite tunes or to be able to read notes and perform a particular musical piece as a hobby.

When you make the decision to learn how to play the piano on your own, the choice of style is of utmost importance. Pop, rock, Broadway, Gospel, Jazz, or good old classical music, you need to figure out what it is you want to do and stick to it. That is because the proficiency levels in each are very different and do not take the same amount of time and practice to master. Of course, whichever style you go for, it’s always a good idea to start off with some classical training, as nothing else can give you a better foundation to build upon.

Get The Right Textbooks

After making a decision about your preferred style, it’s time to take a look at the learning materials that will help you master it. Particular musical textbooks and some piano self-teaching methodologies such as http://pianoforalldownload.com/ are the best and fastest way to learn how to play on your own. Needless to say, if you had someone teaching you, they would most likely be using these anyway. And the reason teachers rely on the system outlined in these books is because they help guide the student in the learning process, instead of trying to stuff concepts and techniques that are still unfamiliar to them.

The good thing about piano method textbooks is the way lessons are organized into neat units which follow a logical order and teach at least one new concept that is then practiced in an appropriate piece.

This enables the teacher and player to work on layer by layer, perfecting one concept or skill at a time as they gradually move on to the next. Pacing is also an important component of textbooks but the good news is that when you are practicing on your own with the help of an application, you can set whatever speed you feel comfortable with, adjusting it accordingly as you go.

Do Not Forget About Notation

When it comes to piano playing, learning to read notation properly is a must. This is actually one of the first things you will need to do. It goes beyond simply looking at the keys and knowing where the notes are. By learning notation you will be able to understand sheet music and the gist of piano playing, it will enable you to see both the big picture and the fine details of a musical creation.

The simplest way to learn the basics of notation is by finding the locations of bass F, middle C and Treble G. They are easy to memorize because of their even position from each other. And once memorized, ensure that the learner will be able to locate the rest of the notes in any section of a musical piece. This skill is crucial to becoming proficient in reading sheet music.

Start Off Easy And Learn The Basics

It is easy to understand the initial excitement that goes together with starting piano lessons. Going through the process on your own presents the hidden risk of trying to bite off more than you can chew. Do not go all out trying to play the toughest pieces that exist, simply because they are popular. Be patient enough to start small and work through the basics of music theory, concept by concept, step by step, until you build the necessary foundation in preparation for the more advanced and complicated stuff. Do not worry, you will get there with time and practice.

Apart from knowing how to sit at the piano, pedal, and touch the keys, a basic knowledge of music theory is absolutely crucial to becoming an expert eventually. You should be aware of the dynamics of a piece and how to articulate every part of it properly, in order to convey its unique character and sound. Look up videos in the website or on Youtube on questions or concepts you might not understand, as a lot will become clear through watching examples and practicing what you have learned.

While there has always been a debate about how well one can teach themselves a particular skill versus being present in a class with a physical teacher, online courses, and DIY guidebooks are becoming more and more popular among busy people who can’t afford to be present somewhere but still want to take on a hobby or profession. And it seems to be working for them. Despite the general belief that you should take on a musical instrument from an early age and have a good tutor to help you become a master musician, more and more people are now successful at learning the necessary skills on their own at home, in their own pace, and the result is splendid.

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