4 Interesting Things You Should Know About Society 6

Art comes in many forms—paintings, sculptures, architecture, photography, film, dance, music, literature, teaching and communication. We literally absorb it wherever we go and whatever we do. It’s everywhere. The world is so saturated with art that sometimes, we fail to appreciate or even notice it anymore.

Good thing, many of us still don’t forget our artistic side or if we are not that artist, at least, we are art-enthusiasts—the persons who are always on the hunt for beautiful artworks either for collection or simply for appreciation. If you come across Society 6, you’ll be delighted at its concept for bringing both artists and art-enthusiasts together in one platform. Below, we highlight five interesting facts you should know about it.

  1. It’s an e-commerce site.

Society 6 is basically an e-commerce site where various sellers from different areas around the globe can market their products. It’s also a place where interested buyers can check out those products and purchase them. Think about Amazon or eBay.

Even so, it’s not your typical e-commerce platform like the ones mentioned above. Sure, you can find typical items there like phone cases, laptop sleeves, tapestries, backpacks, throw pillows, rugs, shower curtains and comforters. Most likely though, you’ll find these things adorable for their unique and high-quality designs.

That’s no surprise because they are well-thought—various artists from around the globe have conceptualized these designs and the company had printed them on products such as phone cases, throw pillows and other items we’ve mentioned a while ago. Thus, if you’re looking for unique stuff that would be a great addition to your collection at home, this site is one of your best bets.

  1. It’s a place where real artists don’t starve.

Now, that sounds like a book by Jeff Goins. Here’s some background information about him. But it is true that real creative artists never run out of gigs, especially if they know exactly where to look for them. And oh, when you’re really that good and you’re known for producing a steady stream of masterpiece, you don’t have to pitch in your proposal—clients come to you and they’re willing to line up!

If you’re a truly talented artist, Society 6 will help you achieve that goal. Here, you can showcase and sell your original works. Then, they can transfer your designs as quality prints on consumer goods including curtains, comforters, backpacks, and throw pillows among many others. The site says that every item purchased is an artist paid. Yes, they earn every time you buy items where their artworks are printed.

  1. They have really cool art prints.

They aren’t all about mugs, backpacks, phone cases and other consumer goods you can think of. The site also showcases outputs of visual arts as it is—wall decors on frame. So, if you have a favorite artist in mind whose works are featured in the website, this is the perfect opportunity for you to get their outputs as quality art prints and display them on the walls of your home. Interior decorating made easy, folks!

  1. Get inspired by the cool ideas and tips they publish on their blog.

Have your just moved to a new home and you’re still on the process of organizing your stuff and decorating your interiors? Or perhaps, do you wish to revamp your space? Sure, we have lots of ideas going on in our imagination. But we need to calm those thoughts to make sure everything that we put together creates a beautiful harmony. Otherwise, the concepts might clash against each other that we’re not sure anymore what the interior design theme we’re trying to achieve is.

One way to help you become consistent yet more creative with your concept is to read blogs that tell you exactly how to execute those ideas you have in mind. For example, you want to create a vintage-shabby chic space. How are you going to achieve that? You need to scour some blogs for ideas. Society 6 is one of those places where you can find such tips and tricks. This can help, too: https://freshome.com/2007/07/12/7-most-important-interior-design-principles/

The site is definitely a place where you can find artsy pieces for your personal collection and interior decorating needs. In addition, it provides great content that help you get to know more about the artists behind those works as well as useful ideas and tips that are all related to art. Do you know other platforms that feature such cool stuff? We’d love to know!

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