Top 6 Art Schools in the UK for International Students

Admission procedure has begun for the fall 2020, and it is the best time to get ahead in the game by at least getting acquainted with the best universities in the field of your choice. For the starters, it is a good idea to explore the best fine art universities in UK for the students interested in the fields related to the same.

Europe, in general, has always been an attractive destination for students interested in such fields owing to the cultural influence of the same. The UK has been a major hub for students and has been a gateway for them to enter the world of European renaissance, creativity and design.

Getting into some of the top art schools in the UK is a magnificent feat and will need some amazing portfolios and a knack for essay writing. Entail the help of essay writing service such as Edubirdie the best essay help in UK to keep you covered. The primary focus should reside entirely on enhancing your credentials and portfolios to match the requirements of your dream school. So, here is a list of the best art schools UK to get you started:

1. University College London, UK

This is one university that is situated in the primary locale of London providing access to some of the best galleries, studios, museums and all the essentials for a healthy exposure. In addition to this, the university is the perfect selection for students irrespective of their chosen field of expertise, whether it is painting, media or sculptures. Moreover, the university has the practice of offering a one-on-one tutor to every student who is a veteran in the chosen field and is able to guide the student effortlessly and efficiently. With multiple programs like the BA and the BFA in Fine Arts, the MA and the MFA in Fine Art; the MPhil/PhD in Fine Arts, etc., the university is counted amongst the finest schools in the field around the world and one of the top art colleges UK.

2. Goldsmiths, London, UK

This is one of the top art schools in London with a faculty that primarily encourages authenticity, innovation and uniqueness in students. With no room for plagiarism, the school has the record of producing some highly celebrated artists. The faculty is comprised of some of the highly acclaimed artists who are regularly showcased in some of the most respected galleries around the world. Since the school attracts students at a global level, students get a diverse environment to flourish and enjoy their life at this college to the maximum level. The programs offered include Fine Art (BA), Fine Art & History of Art (BA), special courses meant for the international students and MFA Degrees in Fine Arts, Curating and Art Writing.

3. Oxford University

When it comes to the top schools in the UK, Oxford University can never be left behind. The Ruskin School of Art has an innovative curriculum, which promotes the students to work closely with the galleries to establish a firm understanding of their strengths, underlying interests and skillsets, which they can use subsequently to shape their curriculum throughout the rest of the years in the college. The curriculum acts as the perfect service for their specific requirements to further highlight and enhance their strengths.

4. Edinburgh College of Arts (ECA)

Edinburgh College of Arts, UK is known for its commitment to acclimatize students with the best environment and bring them in acquaintance with some of the most acclaimed artists around the world. The curriculum is comprised of work in the studios, tutoring at a personal level, lectures, seminars, dissertations and discussions that eventually prepare students for a bright future in their chosen fields.  The programs offered are MA (Hons) in Fine Art, BA (Hons) in Intermedia, BA (Hons) in Painting, BA (Hons) in Photography and BA (Hons) in Sculpture.

5. The Glasgow School of Art

The Glasgow School of Art is one of the top art schools in London that relies on research and free thinking. Some of the courses offered are in the fields like Sculptural and Environmental Art, Fashion Design, Fine Art Photography, Textile Design, Painting & Printmaking. The top-quality teaching and research at their various centers is a good way to help students foster their careers in their chosen fields.

6. Lancaster University

Lancaster University promotes an interdisciplinary curriculum covering theater, design, film, painting, drawing, digital skills and sculpture building. With the students learning from some of the most successful artists in an environment focusing on studio & professional practice and theory, the school is attracting students from all over the world making it one of the top art schools across the world. The students get to see their ideas turn into pieces of realities, which further encourages them in the longer run.


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