What is the best watch? Consider the following things!

The watch is an important attribute for anyone. Although originally centuries ago, they were meant only for that time, they can now also be a sign of material status and prosperity. The first thing you need to choose watches of course is their mechanism of action. There are two types of mechanisms: mechanical and quartz.

Mechanical clocks have been invented a long time ago, but are very popular to this day. The principle of their work is based on coil springs, which must be rotated by hand. This gradually injured and affected, periodically, the pendulum, which, through an intricate wheel transmission system, moved the clock’s hands. Thus, the mechanical clock works. The disadvantage is a lack of stroke. This is because the spring energy cannot be released evenly. Stylistically, there are many different types of watches to choose from based on your own preferences.

Another important feature is the need to start manually (every 3-4 days), but there are many models with other mechanisms. Such a mechanism rotates the spring itself as a result of the active actions of the owner. That is, when you tilt your hand or do something else, it also tightens the springs. But don’t rely entirely on this mechanism, usually the owner doesn’t feel relieved to wrap the watch manually. In addition, it should be considered that improving this mechanism is more complicated than repairing the watch itself.

The more modern quartz movement. Based on the use of energy batteries and quartz crystals, which create stable electric oscillations, which are fed to special stepper motors and which move the hands clockwise. Also in quartz clocks it is possible not to use indicator boards, but electronic ones or mixed types, which are excluded in a mechanical display.
Quartz movement has advantages: The accuracy of the line is + -20 s. Per month they do not need to be stopped permanently. Quartz crystals can eventually grow old and lose their previous nature. Although the working hours for both mechanisms are almost the same.

Which mechanism should the watch choose?
If you need hours for each day, you need more precise work, you don’t want to manually start the spring or prefer the time on the electronic steering wheel, then choose a quartz watch. And if you are a man who prefers classics and doesn’t fight small flaws, you can certainly pick up a watch with a “living” mechanism.

Material case:

There are materials for making watch case: plastic, stainless steel, titanium, palladium, with gold or platinum precious metals. Plastic. Cheapest ingredients. It can be easily scratched, not strong, but light. With plastic manufacturing, budget models are usually watches or types of sports.

Stainless steel. The ingredients are not expensive, but very good. Strong, reliable, durable in operation, has a good appearance. Perfect value for money. Used in various hours.

Titan. The material is more durable than stainless steel and is lighter. Its appearance is also slick. It costs more, but is the same as the acceptable price.

Palladium (“white gold”). The material is also quite popular for making men’s watches. The advantage is that it is not oxidized, very strong. Looks like platinum, lighter.

Precious metal. For those who want to emphasize their value, it is a gold or platinum watch. In many cases they are made to order.

Glass making material:

When choosing men’s watches, the material from their manufacturer is very important, after all, they must be quality, durable.

Glass (ring protectors) can be made of plastic, mineral glass, artificial or combined sapphires.

Plastic. Cheaper in production and less quality, but easier. They usually put sunglasses like that in cheap models or sports. It’s hard to break it, and it’s very easy to erode it. Scratches – the biggest loss from plastic cups, as well as cheap plastic that can become clouds over time, collapse.

Mineral glass. Better ingredients. Usually used on average price watches. Less sensitive to scratches, but still vulnerable, have enough strength.

Artificial juice. Better and more expensive ingredients. Used in top category watches. Very difficult to itch, difficult to break (easier than breaking down minerals).

Combination glass with artificial sapphire and mineral glass. The best thing. Combined benefits of both components. It’s hard to itch and it’s hard to rest.

Try to choose glass with mineral glass, at the very least. Shaped scratches are removed by polishing in any workshop.

Mechanism and material are two of the most important factors in choosing a watch. Understand this. Once you’re ready, you can choose the best one among Casio Oceanus, Rolex Daytona, Franck Muller and many others.

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