Mixed Media Artist Anna Khachatryan

Anna Khachatryan, is a mixed media artist—and the Creative Director at No.3 Events—whose passion for film production and photo art is evident in her multidimensional work. Originally from Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia, where she was warmly received by patrons and critics for her work in photography and film, Anna’s work proves a stunning dynamic range within her artistic direction. After winning two awards for her one-reeler titled “Brain Washington” at international film festivals and exhibiting at Fremin Gallery and E.S.P Gallery in Chelsea, New York, Anna continues to break the mold in what is possible for young multidisciplinary artists. Anna is also nominated in five different categories, including Best Art Direction for “Alien Adventures in Mercury,” at this July’s International Fashion Film Awards in La Jolla, California.

Having studied both film production and photo art at her university, the Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University, Anna continues to pursue her passion for both disciplines, incorporating elements of pop culture and fashion with a dramatic theatrical flair that is uniquely her own. To the observer, the scenes she creates inspire a dreamlike state, provoking you to observe them with a sense of wonder and reverence.

In Anna’s recent project titled the “Hand Collection,” Anna lent her creative direction to a series that embodies her affinity for vivid colors, playfulness, fashion, and pop art. For the collection, she directed the hands of nine models to be used as canvases for body painter, Jose Balcony to paint colorful faces, each of which has a unique attitude and style. Painted in chalky shades of pink, blue, and white, each face represents a different character with a different emotional state. For some, this means sadness—a hand with a woman who is wearing a blue dress and is shedding tears—and for others, it’s an attitude of possible disdain—a hand with a woman whose attitude is clear from her dramatic eyelashes, choker, and the cigarette hanging from her bold red lips. Wigs on top of the fingers, and scarves and jewelry wrapped around the wrists complete the looks, photographed in front of bold blue, red, green, and white backgrounds.

Anna’s uncluttered imagination lends itself powerfully to the specialization she has chosen—film production and photo art. Her recent works also include filming a “Space Fairytale” styled by Patricia Field, and her creative direction for “The Owl Girls,” a stylized telling of a story about the devil, angels, and the conspiring together of birds and animals to restore the natural order.

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