The Future of Online Slots: Is the end of the fruit machine insight?

Most of us can still think back and remember a time when fruit machines in UK pubs and land-based casinos were the only way you could play slot games, but this nostalgic way of playing slot games has come on by leaps and bounds with the addition of many slot sites popping up all over the internet. Many players still enjoy playing slot games the good old fashioned way in land-based casinos for a number of reasons, including the social aspect of playing surrounded by other players, all hoping to win big in the casinos. Plus of course, there are many online slot games that have classic themes akin to the classic fruit machine style slot games played on land-based casinos that are still much-loved by their players. However, with rapidly advancing technology, could we seem the demise of the fruit machine in the near future? And if so, what will the future of online slots look like without the classic fruity? We’ll know shortly below, or you can click to play online slots today.

What’s new in the Gambling Industry?

As players will be well aware, technology is influencing the way the gambling industry operates, how it appeals to its players, and what kind of games it can offer players. In recent years the introduction of improved high definition graphics and video slot games, with their cinematic-like experience and innovative gaming features have rivaled classic slot games. Websites like have been made available to those who prefer a more interactive experience when gambling, it means they can do it from anywhere at any time.

Now, virtual reality slot games are the new kid on the block and has been making waves. Virtual reality slot games set out to provide the optimum 3D gaming experience akin to the experience you’d get in a real-life land-based casino, from the comfort of your own home. While this technology is still a way off in terms of mainstream online use, you can still access Casinos not on Gamstop to play your favorite games from the comfort of your own home and with the chance to make some serious profit. Due to the internet and the advancement of technology people are taking to online gambling in many different ways in their attempt to earn themselves some extra money on the side, or even as their main income. There are even online resources that can allow for gamblers to best their chances at striking it big, as an example perhaps have a read over this Oddsmonkey review to see how various betting services could aid gamblers when gambling or placing bets.

The online slots technology has been available since 2015 and developers are working hard to create these experiences which you would wear a VR headset to feel fully immersed in the virtual casino, which enables you to walk around the floor and walk to different slot games, with other virtual players walking around you! This could be the answer to the dilemma many players of online slot games have which is that unlike playing the game in a land-based casino surrounded by other eager to win players, playing online diminishes the social aspect of the casino experience. VR slot games recreate the buzzing atmosphere and the social interaction that you’d experience in a land-based casino, but on an elevated level – without even having to leave the house!

Don’t worry if you don’t want to invest in a VR headset to be able to give virtual reality slot games a try, this doesn’t mean you’ll be left in the stone ages! You can see the VR casino floor on your desktop, tablet or mobile in 3D without a VR headset, although without one the experience maybe not be quite as immersive as it would be with a VR headset.

What will be the Fate of the Fruit Machine?

No matter what the gambling industry throws our way, it’s likely that the fruit machine and classic style slot games will stand the test of time and remain part of the furniture in the plethora of online slot games, unscathed by the introduction of virtual reality slot games. After all, everyone loves a timeless classic and a little bit of nostalgia every now and again, so don’t worry too much about missing your favourite old fruity!

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